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Aldous Leonard Huxley


(Born 27th July 1894-1963)

Huxley was born in Godalming, Surrey. He moved to the United States in the late 1930’s and spent most of the rest of his life there. He had one of the most varied Literature careers of his time. Aldus Huxley was the publisher of three collections of poems and

 a book of short stories before beginning the series of witty, sophisticated novels that made him famous. The series includes Chrome Yellow (1921), Antic Hay (1923), Those Barren Leaves (1925) and Point Counter Point (1928). The books satirize English society of the 1920’s. The characters in Point Counter Point are based on Huxley and his friends. Huxley had his own great ideas and believed that Science was destroying human and political values. He expressed this concern in the satirical novel Brave New World in 1932. This famous book describes a totalitarian society that disregards individual dignity and worships science and machines.



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