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Alluring Smell of Instincts


Alluring Smell of Instincts

I read a heading somewhere, ‘Smells arouse, inspire and even drive you mad’. And I wonder, is this only for a fragrance. Nope, I guess, for web users we have virtual fragrance around and my this Blog is an influencing me to get inspired to write on the health and fitness and keep posted on the matters that concern. Well, I have no excuses for keeping out of touch for a while, but on the back of my mind, plays around the themes of Health and fitness as I try sneak away to continue here. 


Chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven, smell of sweet roses or the natural body adour of your loved one – smell invoke memories, soothe you and can inspire to drive you crazy. Not true? Can’t believe it? I think, smells can really alter and influence our moods and behaviors. Chemistry works sometimes when we meet people around. A report on my desk and I read, ‘The Scent of Desire’, written by a Psychology professor Rachel Herz spent seventeen years studying the human sense of smell. She’s conducted surveys and tests to gauge the psychological importance of smell. She thinks, without smell you can’t taste the difference between an apple and a potato, or a glass of red wine and a cup of cold coffee.  There’s no smell when in deep sleep. She further found, Women have keen nose than average men. These women are found to be sexual attracted to men on basis of smell that arouse and make crazy.

Now, do we call ‘instincts’ sometimes that magnetically arouse to a person whom we find interested? Virtual web have no smell but a feel and all comes with ‘words, words and words.’ How often we come across people who chat, send mails or even call on phone. But, it’s not a smell but a sixth sense that makes you judge how a person could be and the chemistry works as to how you regard the person.

In real, the smell or the odour we call, do give a feeling of good of bad but it even depends on the language spoken or call it, words again. Fragrances can help overcome anxiety and that’s for so sure. We have the aura therapy for the relaxed, balanced, energized state of being. A rose water bath, use of essential oils, etc. Even there’s cultural differences. The smell of fish might irritate people who are vegetarian whereas it makes no difference to people to eat non-veg.

I mentioned earlier, it is our own mental state of health and our own well being so important that the whole world is in our hands. One may be attracted by a smell, perfume or adour – an emotionally evocative sense but it’s instincts, a chemistry playing a role. A smell may attract a women, of the scent of musk a man use or a product like Primal Instinct; however, it’s all the role of instincts to react – get attracted or,  be comfortable and composed. A mind buzz – call it mind instinct or impulse. It works. Either you control or you get infatuated, all’s in the mind. How one reacts to a smell is all mind health – a book I recommend to read is ‘Steven Pinker’s ‘How Mind Works’.

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