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National Poetry Month : In US, National Poetry Month is more  ‘Learning Poetry, Writing Poetry’ – How to Write a Poetry session can be taken in classrooms and children can select their own topics on like, writing poetry with names of all animals, colors, places or maybe on what they’d like to be, etc. Know the words, build vocabulary and learn how to rhyme. Here’s on  How to write a Poem. They can also make a scrap book and write their fav poems or pin up poetry charts on soft board of their classroom/bedroom/study room.

Titanic sank in April. Children can collect information on this. They can have a hobby project – write on the hobby and paste all pictures of ships, boats, etc. or their hobby like stamps, greeting cards, etc.

As exams get over with the summer vacations here, children have ample time for creativity. Kids can browse through Fairy Land, read the stories and make a Story Project – print stories, read and add to file, write reviews, paste stickers, draw and color story character, etc. Also, click for the For Kids page  and enjoy activities.

Leonardo Da Vinci , the painter can influence kids and let the kids explore the world of painting. As exams are over in April, kids can draw and paint pictures and send across to Kidsfreesouls for  Picture Gallery  or just hold a painting exhibition and call for childrens’ party.

Shakespeare was born in April and World book day is celebrated too. Kids can make Literature Project in summer. Visit Literature Profiles  here and take prints, add to file and find poetry.

They can also join the Literature Hero Project and  send Kidsfreesouls  all information on a Literature character, works, pic, etc. or send Book reviews for stories read.

Humour Month  Make a Scrap Book and get children to write jokes and narrate.



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