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 Friendship Day in August Make an Autograph book. Collect Autographs from all your friends. Also collect autographs from parents, cousins, teachers and all who you like. Memories take you to miles with smiles one day as you check those autographs.

Make your  Newspaper story clip image here as many as you can and paste in your Scrap book with ‘My Newspaper clipping Project”


Find Kidsfreesouls ‘In the Press’ and follow NIE Tips – How to use Kidsfreesouls in classrooms. Teachers can award 


Kidsfreesouls Reader Award too

 India Independence Day. Make a Project on India. Collect info and make sheets on India – How India got it’s Independence, make a flag and write what it means, it’s states and capitals, languages used, historical places, newspapers, festivals, food habits, village life, urban life and development, maps with fact file, etc.

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