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Aura Vibrations


Aura Vibrations

Ever read the soul to heal sites? Well, I did. My initial surfing on web led me to sites on meditations, soul mates, holistic living, etc. I checked on the mysticcommune.com newsletters! That’s when I came across a book I got to read on Aura – an extension of the physical body, an electro-magnetic energy field that changes with a person’s emotional state of mind. This Aura revolves round any person – you or me. And the aura reveals the inner problems – whether you are stressed or failure or angered…the aura is in your being!


Well, anyone with a slight intuitive mind and as long as they practice doing it, can figure out the aura in me or you. Why, with a couple of reads, any intuitive mind can feel the aura of a writer too. The basic aura of a person never changes. Your hand has lines of future and who a person actually is. It is the colour type too that reveals – If you love the orange-yellow, it means you have the skills of analytical perceptions, intellectual, detail oriented, logical, scientific and completely structured. Red is Powerful or the lavender is imaginative – so goes on the colours that reflect the aura. All one needs to know yourself – Identify the problems that lie in you. Improvement lies within an individual.

Ideas of the aura are well represented in Indian religions. The Buddhist flag represents the colours seen around the enlightened Buddha. In Jainism the concept of Lesya relates colours to mental and emotional dispositions. To the Indian teacher Meher Baba the aura is of seven colours, associated with the subtle body and its store of mental and emotional impressions. Spiritual practice gradually transforms this aura into a spiritual halo.  Hindu and Buddhist sources often link these colours to kundalini energy and the charkas.

For holistic healers, aura reading is the art of investigating the human energy field, or the energy fields of other sentient beings. It is a basis for using techniques of holistic healing, and includes such practices as bioenergetics, energy medicine, energy spirituality, and energy psychology.

Aura Vibrations

I read about the books of Robert Bruce, he classifies auras into two types; etheric and spiritual.  He also provides consulting services on the internet, including assistance to parents dealing with night terrors in children.

It is our own mental state of health and our own well being so important that the whole world is in our hands – we can change our own aura by knowing it.

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