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Beat the Stress

Stress has become a normal part of life and usually comes from every day occurrences. Eliminate stress. A car skids on any icy road, jerks at a bumpy drive or its applying abrupt brakes in hectic traffic areas.

It’s apt to make your body on full alert, ready for action. You have an argument with a friend or at office, your body becomes charged up with the brain cells triggering emotions and there lo, it’s stress. However, each individual has different effects and much depends on how you perceive and cope with trouble. If every problem serve as catastrophe, the level of stress apt to shoot up. Here is when we need to check the problems in the coolest way possible.

I remember one of our business associate talking of interrupted workplace meditation every thirty minutes of working to release stress. If sitting at a desk makes one feel stiff and stressed, its way to head doorway for 30 second stretching routine or pace up and down while you attend the phone calls. Listen to music for a while, recordings of nature sounds or meditation music.

An instant calming sequence is a technique. Yoga and meditation are methods to reduce stress. Making friends, getting a pet, engaging into an activity like flying a kite or playing a favorite board game is relaxing. Get enough sleep, engage into volunteer work and truly enjoy any hobby. It’s up to us to keep a record of things that make us feel stressed and derive solutions. This record of stress will make us aware of the real stressors in our life. We permit ourselves to be imperfect and this imperfection helps one to reduce stress. For eg. I have no time to wash dishes and it’s time to rush for office or else I am late. Leave the dishes for later wash if you can’t risk the job. Understand to manage time better next time instead of getting into a stressful attitude.

Finally, get into learning ways. Endless learning is like ‘Knowledge is Power’ – An enriching, rewarding experience and building your very own Personality.

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