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Best poems by kidsfreesouls readers


What a Joy is Flight
Chase Christmas (12)

The birds, what a joy they have found
To fly in the sky as we walk on the ground
Oh so high on the breeze
Flying over the seas
Oh what a joy they have found

And we watch on the ground
As they soar through the air
With narry a care
What a joy they have found
As we think on the ground
Of a way to fly
As a bird oh so high
Oh, what a joy we have found
And we leave from the ground
Oh so high on the breeze
Flying over the trees
What a joy we have found
Looking down on the ground
As we soar through the air
With nary a care
What a Joy!

By Bhavya Tibrewala ( Age 6 years )
Hyderabad. India

I have a cute pet pug,
Who loves to pee on rug.
He loves to bite and chew ,
Socks and shoes and all things new,
His name is Mr Champ,,
His soft black muzzle is damp,
He has a fine ,smooth coat,
A curly tail the colour of oat ,
He is a cheerful happy fellow,
Who chases me high and low.
He patiently waits outside my door,
Says, “I want to play some more.”
He likes to use the Vodaphone,
To chat with me when I’m not home,
I hope he helps me one fine day,
To lick my stamps and find my way.

Best poems by  kidsfreesouls readers

by Aditya Mathur
Amity International School, Haryana

Books are a medium of communication
They are made for the people and their nation
Some books have information of Edison’s light
Edison’s effort made the world bright at night.

Some books write about the planes of Wright Brothers
You will find about music and fun in others
Books are of many types
Some are on animals and their lives
If Mahatma Gandhi didn’t write about his life
How would you know about his freedom fight?

Books are trains and Libraries their station
Their passengers are all types of information!
Books are a medium of communication!

by Caitlinleigh Spiers (11)
Scotland, UK

Why do you bully me every single day,
make a full of me in every way.
Shout at me because I have ginger hair,
or laugh at me because of the clothes I wear.

I’m no different from anybody in this school,
just because you think I’m uncool,
You wouldn’t like it if I bullied you one day,
hurt your feelings in every way.

I’m scared to set foot out my door,
because your a bully I can’t ignore.
I want to tell someone but I’m scared of what you’ll say,
If you will hit me and make me pay.

Do you bully me because you have nothing to do?
This is the question I want to ask you.
You look so happy while I am sad,
Do you not even feel in the slightest bit bad.

Ok I can’t take this any longer,
I have to tell someone I have to be stronger.
I can’t let you bully me any more,
so sometime today the police will be at your door.

Don’t let people bully you,
and tell you what to do.
Tell someone and they will deal with it,
and you will not get bullied or hit.

(from Nick Prutskikh, 10 y.o., Boca Raton, FL, USA)

School bells ringing
Kids streamin’
Winter holidays

Mothers shopping
Fathers mopping
Kids waiting
For Santa Claus

Christmas trees shining
Children sitting,
Searching for Ole’
Saint Nick

by Neelam Shah age 15
UK( England)

When the sun settles down,
cowboys come galloping into to town.
When the old folks come riding
the youngens come gliding.
When gold miners come with mountains of gold
all the folks would be filthy rich and say ‘ sold’.

When children play with their balloons,
the folks come rushing into the saloon.
When the sheriff strides into the west,
everyone in town is put to the test.
When the horses rest their heels
All the folks have a big meal.

When the high wind dusts moves in,
two cowboys battle for their sins.
When one cowboy yells ‘reach for the sky’
the other just gives a bad sigh.
When both are holding guns,
one says to the other this ain’t no fun.
When both give up the fight,
they realise they can find the light.

by Neelam Shah age 15
UK( England)

What makes the sea
glisten with shine.
What makes the river
cuddle the waves
What makes the
ocean breeze.
What makes the
rain seem so delicate.
What makes the fish
swim in the deep blue.

What makes the
floods so monstrous.
What makes the monsoon
pour its grief on land.
What makes the
ponds so crowded,
with lily pads and frogs.
What makes the puddles
so reflective.
What makes the waterfall
so beautiful.

What makes the shower
drizzle with purity.
what makes the
tap water so fresh.
What makes the bottled
water so confined.
What makes the dirty polluted
water so deadly.
What makes the tear drops
in our eyes so salty.
What makes the swimming pool
so warm and soothing.



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