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Blog Making Preparation & Tips


GOAL of Blogging

  1. To get Knowledge and Give, Share Knowledge
  2. To get aware of latest Technology : Learn tools and techniques
  3. Work with various Projects like Vocabulary projects, Poetry writing, story writing, literature, book reviews, news or incidents with morals, meaningful topics, research work with books, magazines, Research work with Internet searches and within websites, making drawings and posters related to

    topics, on cars, environment problems, whatever is interesting read, etc.
  4. Covering topics like A word in Dictionary
  5. Debate and Interview topics – covering interviews of friends, teachers, family, strangers, etc.
  6. To make best use of learning via blogging and Internet and earn while blogging. Everything in new generation is Give and Take. We Incur cost while we blog like buying a computer with latest facilities, take internet connexion learn to operate computer, etc. So, get maximum and learn ways to earn, buy best on web, surf best sites – follow all codes of conduct on Internet.
  7. We get back satisfaction, status – credits and be ‘someone’ – own IDENTITY

Dos and don’ts


  1. Safely write down user name, password, urls
  2. Be organized.
  3. Keep a pen, pencil, sharpener and wanted books only near computer.
  4. Always practice goodness on web. Give good comments and in brief on others blog. Reply brief thanks, a word or a two.
  5. While writing a blog note, make it short, sweet, informative and interesting.
  6. Tell your friends, teachers and family to visit your blog by emailing them and informing them when you make a post. Send a forward but mention your name and URL of your blog only if the forward is good.
  7. Make your own visiting cards with blog url and email ids along with other details and on birthdays, etc. stick the card on gift wrapper. Also give to whom you feel is interested in your blog.
  8. Be disciplined


  1. Do not clutter unwanted books or mags/newspapers on computer
  2. Do not give your user or password to anyone-not even to friends or teachers.
  3. Do not reply e-mails to strangers or send forwards.
  4. Do not criticize in-comment box.
  5. Do not speak rubbish in social networks.


1. Para on their interests/hobbies/others…
2. Letter writing on hobbies, reviews, news or incidents with morals
3. Meaningful topics – some inspirational story, facts, book reviews, etc
4. Research skills – explore on topics that interest you to blog eg. on ‘Project Gujarat’ Gather information online
5. Posters and painting – varied topics – to upload image and write on this.
6. projects – vocabulary, Asia, cars & road, env prob
7. ad writing – hoardings, ads etc
8. Dictionary – increase vocabulary, even make vocabulary project and put online on blog.
9. Library books – caring, arranging, getting organized, etc – using resources to write.
10. Worksheets – Use of worksheets and preparing own
11. Debate – expressing, team work
12. Interviews – Interviewing friends on topis like what’s their interest in Books, computers, moviews, etc. or ask simply related to current affairs/topics.


Make a blog and first post will be Welcome note and Self Analysis form. What I Like, What I Dislike..Check it out & Add your Fav too!

Talk of what you will be blogging about. eg. Inspirations, Amazing Facts, Amazing animals, Jokes and quotes – or mix of all of Blog Preparation as above – whatever children Like.

Select a topic – Slow but steady – Blog and keep blogging posts.

Assignment Idea:


I will blog every Sunday. Time: – 12:00 to 2:00

First Week: – eg. Two book reviews.

Second Week:  some meaningful incident with a moral and I will write it down in my own words and put it on blog.

Third Week: In all these three weeks, I will ask Questions of the cool board to my friends and than I will put them in my blog.

Fourth Week: –Share some Jokes/Quotes or write some informative piece.



Google’s ‘Blogger’ is the easiest tool to use for Children. Open their monitored Gmail account at Google and allow them to login to www.blogger.com – Teach them the basics and quick blog – But, remember, monitoring by Parent or Teacher is MUST. More Info on Make Blog

Well, Blogging is not a cup of tea for any Tom, Dick & Harry. It demands serious Blogging.  Creating posts every day proves a tougher

challenge, and the vast majority of blogs don’t last for very long. Non-writers who think writing is easy find out that one to three entries a day, every day, doesn’t just roll out of the brain and into the ‘post comment’ field of a blog. Efforts do pay in results.


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