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Bubble gum

There goes the song lyrics of Rick Paul with ‘Bubble Gum’ :
Bubble gum
Bubble gum
You are as sweet as bubble gum
Bubble gum
Bubble gum
You are a treat, like bubble gum
I could give up candy, and I wouldn’t even miss it
The only sugar for me is your kisses
Bubble gum
Bubble gum
I’ll stick to you, like bubble gum
Mother said you’re not the kind of girl who stays too long
But you’re still here, and we’re still going strong………

{loadposition bubble}

And the research of Marion Hetherington, Professor of Biopsychology at GlasgowCaledonianUniversity in Glasgor finds that Chewing Gum can help reduce cravings and control appetite. It also helps promote fullness among people who limit their overall calorie intake. She said, “chewing gum suppressed ratings of hunger, desire to eat and cravings for high energy snacks.”

Aah, very true! So do we observe just by chewing gum! And it is much easier to reduce the stress and the nausea feeling when climbing the hilly areas or while on a roller coaster ride.

As far as I know, the very first bubble gum was invented by Frank Henry Fleer in 1906. He called it Blibber-Blubber. Chewing Gum improves concentration and there goes the report on a Science Project too, which concludes that Chewing Gum while at Math test, improves on scores. Quite Obvious!

So, next time you think you are obese, lack concentration or just about gloomy or craving for hunger – quick a Chewing gum. Maybe, you need to check on the side effects too. Check that out.

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