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Cartoons-The Fantasy Fun Characters

Cartoons-The Fantasy Fun Characters

Series of Drawings called Panels that tells a story or expresses a message are called Cartoons. They entertain, teach or comment about a person, event or a story. Some Cartoons are drawings alone which gives a message whereas some Cartoons are drawings with words. Mostly, Cartoons are not drawn as they appear in real life but the artists use fewer details and may change some features of a character such as head, hands or feet. The reader’s attention is directed to important facial expression such as smile, raised eye brows, etc. Action details are shown with body parts. Cartoonists use different highlights like a bulb above the character’s head to indicate bright idea, use of words from all sides to give impact on the person’s situation, dark cloud over the head to show despair and so on. Cartoon messages communicate quickly and effectively in a glance.


Cartoons-The Fantasy Fun Characters

Cartoons-The Fantasy Fun Characters


Cartoonist works in the field of commercial art to produce Cartoons for publications. There are various types of Cartoons like Editorial Cartoons, Comic strips, panels and comic books, magazines, illustrative and advertising and Animation. A cartoonist has to visualize an idea and than produce a finished drawing. Facial Expressions tells a reader how a cartoon character feels like happy, sad, worried, crafty, serious, dizzy, angry, frightened etc. Broken lines indicate jumping frogs or the use of lines of different sizes like long, thin, trailing shows speed of a running horse. Words like sniff, sniff near a dog represent smell and ah and ooh exclamations are often used for surprise. Cartoonists take 30 minutes to a day to create a cartoon. Adventure, Comic strip Cartoonist uses a detailed style. Cartoons are first drawn using a pencil and than after adding the background, applies ink over the pencil lines. Textures and tones are added to clothes, objects and finally, unwanted pencil marks are erased. Making a Cartoon also requires a person to be humorous, alert and a keen observer. Necessarily, a Cartoonist need not be an Artist but the feeling comes from within, just an idea and an imagination and one can do the tricks.

So, Kids Free Souls, get those pencils and use your whacky brains, stuff the funniest ideas and swing ahead to give the strokes of sheer joy to draw your favourite characters, maybe a Shahrukhkhan or imagine drawing a Free Soul too!




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