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Conquer Anxiety

Heightened Anxiety? And, you can worry about anything! 

“Some people suffer from generalised anxiety disorder (GAD), also known as chronic worrying. Anxiety UK, a charity supporting anxiety disorder sufferers, says it is one of the most common mental health problems seen by doctors in the UK. According to NHS Choices, it affects one in 20 adults.

Research published in 2012 by the NHS Information Centre showed that the number of outpatient appointments for anxiety disorders increased from 3,754 in 2006-2007 to 17,470 in 2010-2011, with some experts putting the rise down to people feeling under pressure because of financial uncertainty.

As well as anxiety, symptoms include difficulty sleeping, irritability and heart palpitations. “People with GAD are physically and mentally exhausted,” explains Dr David Baldwin, professor of psychiatry at the University of Southampton. “They have a sense of having lost control and they don’t know how to solve their own problems.” GAD is often confused with depression, particularly since the same antidepressants may be prescribed for both conditions, even though the symptoms are different.

Depression is characterised by a sense of pessimism about the past. There’s a lack of interest and a sense of slowing down,” says Baldwin. “With anxiety, people don’t focus on the past, they focus on the future and worry about what hasn’t happened yet. There’s also not the same sense of slowing down; if anything you have more nervous energy. Anxiety sufferers present more physical symptoms than depression sufferers, such as breathlessness, sweating and medically unexplained pain.” (The Guardian)

Here’s an article from my Book ‘Guardian of Angels’ 


Everyone is at a walking distance from you if you walk with the time, along with the time.

Anxiety pops up without a specific cause. It is a mental turmoil, which may feel like a fear, but on whole, it is anxiety that creates thoughts, which has a negative influence. It is like a irrational phobia which makes a person uncertain and confused what would be the impact. Mild anxieties can be beneficial in that they can arouse and motivate a person to be fully prepared for an important responsibility such as a exam or a debate. Some people have own natural level of anxiety, higher or lower and this is termed by psychologists as Trait Anxiety’. Some people are apprehensive about specific circumstances such as driving in rush hour traffic and this is ‘static anxiety’.

Excessive anxiety can make a person miserable and lost. It is a mental turmoil and people are bound to take desperate steps, use abusive words and worry for no reason. This threatening feeling, arises from within and as it has no apparent cause, it is difficult to control. It might be born out of insecurity. This is usually found in many people advancing towards the ageing process. Anticipated and imagined danger or a case of negative thinking causes to anxiety, which is a mental problem of the brain. The food for thought is a supplement to keep its level in control and keeping busy, keeping happy and accepting things the way as they are reduces the anxiety phobia. A free floating anxiety is a natural impulse and as analyzed by Freud, the psychologist, Childhood feelings do not remain buried but the fear, guilt, anxiety, memories, happenings or the like, lurk at the edge of consciousness stirring up the old fears of being punished, rejected and the result is anxiety. It is observed that many people have the social phobias in their personal and professional lives and many find it a ‘Blocking Door’ as they stumble over a presentation at work or go blank on a test or baffle to speak and find stammering in nervousness in certain situations. This is a disturbed social confidence and a stressful situation. Anxiety is the ultimate block in the years ahead, which becomes a mental turmoil not only to self but a hindrance or rather a stumbling block to people around too. A few tips from observance might prove a guideline to kill Anxiety to many readers:

Ask Questions – Don’t raise issues

A simple thing the Doctors or the psychologists do. Nod their heads knowingly and asking a few questions. Make the person the focus of the conversation and a skilled interviewer is sure to find all answers he wants. Keep the wisdom wise and once, the answers are floating, don’t keep the anxiety. Relax. Don’t raise issues but let the experience charts keep formulating. A wisdom word might do. Each has own mental faculties to think, after all.

Take off the false front

Don’t appear phony. Be frank and this is the best way to bring others closer. No need to feel insecure and believe in openness, which would be more comfortable. Admit what
you do not like and say it if you are not comfortable. This would make things pretty easier to digest.

Tackle fears one step at a time

People worldwide are found to be anxious. Either it’s exams or team match. It so happens that the more fearful and anxious are the losers and the winners who typically ignored their anxiety could concentrate on what they had to do. Think positive. Negative thoughts would bring in more insecurity. Controlled fear by breaking into an activity that suits best and the shaken faith will regain its charm. Anxiety creates the myth that we can’t function properly. It is required only to perform with a jumpstart and results would be better than you think.

Turn anxiety into energy

Nervous situation, pumps up any time. It might be a public debate or a business presentation or acting or just living through. The trick is to let the nerves work. Keep cool. Keep active and keep busy is the key to open the optimistic levels of closed door of the mind. Focus on presenting ideas with force and conviction they deserve. View the problems differently – as ‘good’ rather than ‘bad’ – You reduce anxiety by believing in yourself and having the courage to express your feelings. Revitalize your energy and find a work that you can involve to keep your charms alive. Nagging is the worst kind and so don’t let this happen to you that you keep pinching the others. Your nervousness may become a problem to others too.

Stop comparisons

One of the biggest social crippling is Comparison. Don’t feel and get the ‘complex’ others are intelligent, attractive, confident or successful than you and you are not. Such thinking is wrong headed. Believe in yourself and the things you can do rather than see what others are. Whether you are rich or poor or good or bad, some people will like you and some will not. Why care? Everyone accepts nobody. Just accept yourself, don’t think of others accepting you. Don’t tell others what to do, just do what you want to do. Don’t demand but just command and things might prove a positive plus for you too as the anxiety levels would be in controlled charge of your mental faculty.

an article from my Book ‘Guardian of Angels’ 

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