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Dance Games – Just For Party Freaks

Come December and its Party Time. Parties can be a disaster without sufficient planning. In planning a party of any size, it is a good idea to use a particular theme and relate to invitations, decorations, refreshments and games to this theme. Age groups, their levels of sophistication and the current trends of likes and dislikes

 is to be on top priority in selection from music to dance numbers to snacks and treats. A friendly and a relaxed atmosphere is ‘Must’ to mark it as a ‘Fun Party’ where the guests mingle and participate in all dances. Normally in parties, the ‘Icebreakers’ is overlooked – Icebreakers are for mixing, to encourage people in large groups to meet, mingle, chat and introduce themselves. This help to overcome the tendency of guests to remain together in clusters with small group of friends and acquaintances that never get to know ‘new’ friends. It’s a sheer waste of time in the beginning and by the time, one gets acquainted, and the dance drifts away giving less chance of more opportunities to know more friends. The dance starts off with a DJ playing their role with their numbers but the Icebreakers are Introductions. Games like ‘Name game’, Handshake Treasure can be organized for a small group but in a large party, the DJ numbers with slow beats of warm ups can be focused on tunes with group dancing, merry go round steps, tunnel dancing and so on. Mixers are important to pair off partners for dances and especially useful for teenagers where dances are led into series of gaming activities where the dancers meet a number of new people. A few dance games for the Kids Free soul Party freaks can be adopted for Dance parties whatever the participants be ranging from kids to teens or couples too. Get a partner, change a partner, and know more friends.


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Preparation: Balloons of various colors are inflated and circulated to the couples on the floor. One for each couple. One can choose partner at random.

Action: As the music starts beating the note, the couple should dance with the balloon held between each other’s forehead. The dance should be in circular motion with hands on the back and the balloon should not fall down. If the balloon is slipped, the couple is out from the floor. To add zest to the game, first slow music and than fast music should be played. Orange can replace this balloon too.


Preparation: A particular dance record to be chosen which maybe played several times for a few minutes.

Action: Stop the music five or six times and each time the leader calls out Change the Partner. This makes the partner choose another for a dance change and resume dancing when the music again begins.


Preparation: Two sets of matching numbers are printed on separate slips of paper. All participants get the slip. One set to girls and another to boys.

Action: On signal, each boy begins looking for the matching number who become his partner for the dance.


Preparation: One boy is designated to dance alone while others choose partners.

Action: The leader boy stops the music and calls out ‘side by side’ which means the couple separate to find new partner with whom they stand side by side until the music begins again.


Preparation: Opposite pairs form a circle facing each other.

Action: As the music plays, the girls walk in a clockwise direction and the boys opposite start dancing in counter-clockwise direction. When the music stops, all rush to find their partners.


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