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SHEHNAZ PATEL- Educationist
N.R. Primary School, Ahmedabad


Discipline is necessary in every organization but children are now always in a position to understand the necessity of rules and regulations. They should be inculcated in them with love and care. Corporal punishment brings in fear without understanding.

As an ideal teacher, we would set an example by doing things which we would like our students and colleagues to follow. ‘Spare the rod and spoil the child’ is an adage of the past times. Instead of using rods in the classroom, as a wise, caring and understanding teacher, we should tactfully deal with classroom problems. A teacher must make herself interesting, tolerant and win over the hearts of her pupils. She should possess the power to diver their spirits towards serious studies. Punishment only leads to aggressiveness in the child. Hence, in my opinion, rational behavior of a teacher and morally clean atmosphere are the essentials to be aimed at.

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