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Don’t let the night down


Don't let the night down

Trouble counting the stars when the whole world is soundly tucked in bed? I understand, nearly a third of adults report some difficulty with sleep and a major of younger generation brushing off sleep with the addiction of a lot of vices – I call it vices because they are tempted to gaming, night outs, computing and surfing and so on with no proper management of time nor living organized life due to new waves of generation technology. As such, family or job worries are frequent cause of insomnia.   When they clear up, so may insomnia. The risk of dependency becomes greater with the sleeping pills which increase greater doses to fall asleep. Moreover this gives rarely a quality sleep and tends to be shallow and fitful with little REM or dreaming sleep. People who break the pill dose, grip to severe nightmares and other disturbances. According to a physician’s guidance, the pill works positive but the guidance is to be sorted for.

In 2008, researcher Daniel Kripke of ScrippsClinicSleepCenter told Time magazine that “people who sleep between 6.5 hour and 7.5 hours a night, live the longest. And people who sleep 8 hours or more, or less than 6.5 hours, don’t live quite as long.” He added that risks associated with sleeping 8.5 hours might really be a little worse than sleeping only five hours.

How many of you agree with the Book ‘Sleep less, Live More’ – It says, a person require not more than 5 hours sleep ! It has 14 point sleep reduction program to help one sleep less hours and have more fun and vigor.

I feel its better early to sleep and early to rise with a completely shady or dark bedroom while sleeping hours. No alcohol or caffeine or even cigarettes within 4/5 hours of bed time. Neither late night television, nor exercise. Anxiety becomes a killer in bed and agony results putting to miserable insomnia state. Leave, hurry, worry and curry – Sleep tight and don’t let the bugs bite! I would say, minimum 5-7 hours is fine. Don’t let the Night Down, Let the sun rise…

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