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E- Mail Etiquettes

E- Mail Etiquettes

E-mailing is the surest way to reach via the electronic media, the most cost effective alternative to the phone and courier. Be it the Outlook Express or Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Excite Mail or any other Mail server, get set right to the right attitude to communicate wise ways to reach a milestone building relationships –

making friends, reaching relatives, interacting with aquaintances or just about bridging gaps of communication! Some basic features of Email etiquette apply while mailing to people worldwide.


 No caps 

Look at your keyboard. The key marked Caps Lock – keep it off while typing the email. Except for the normal use of capitals, proper nouns, to start a sentence, etc. Use Lower case as it is a polite and easier to read. Capitals are extremely rude in electronic media and seems like shouting in a verbal conversation. Use proper fonts and avoid the colorful designs and tables if the email is business approach. The pics too takes time downloading.

Attach a signature to the end of each message you send via email. Name of business, contact information, url and marketing slogan. Try to be simple.

Grammar and punctuation
Don’t type in big mass of text. Divide in paragraphs and use applicable punctuation, commas, etc. Check spellings too.

Most email programs make it easy to include text from the message your’re responding to. This is useful because it puts your reply into context and gives the recipient an idea of what you are talking about. Observe the guidelines: Set up your program to insert ‘Quote headers’ so that the original message can be clearly distinguished from the reply message. Leave a blank line between quotes and replies. Quote only to relevant portion of the message you are replying to. A quote of more than 10 lines is too much

Avoid Chat language
Don’t use Neways, b4 or kewl as they seem irritating in regular email business mails. In friendship mails, all’s fine as far as the right meaning is understood by the reader.

Go easy on humour. Add a joke at the end to add humour to avoid sarcasm, if any

Use Subject Line
Use the subject line intelligently saying about the topic of the email. Message that can be easily read and matter clear.

Limit the length of the Message: Disk quota is alloted to each user and so, limit the length of the message instead of prolonging the email. Don’t assume everyone wants to receive your five MB files on jokes.

Circulation of forwards. Don’t send each and every forwards to all. Especially the long emailed list forwarded jokes or pics are irritating and are not welcoming.

Spamming is the electronic equivalent of junk mail. Sending information about yourself / services you offer to people who have not interest in it. In the online world, it’s a taboo and can result in no use mail junks

Chain Letters
These are forbidden on the electronic mail networks as they unnecessarily load the system and interferes with the delivery of other messages. If chain letters are received, they can be sent to service providers who can suspend the offender’s account. One can also report to abuse for unwanted mails like harassing, filthy talk, etc.
Know the Spam Rules.

A few courtesies E-mailing and a quick, pleasurable communication will reach you miles ahead on information super highways.
You can make the Difference, It’s your life, anyway!

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