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MRS. NUTAN PORI- Educationist
N.R. Primary School, Ahmedabad


Education begins with life. A teacher as a person is more important than a teacher as a Technician. According to Ralph Waldo Emerson “The secret of education lies in respecting the pupil” Each child has self respect. If a teacher keeps this in mind, lesser will be the Classroom problems.

All students are not alike. Some needs more warnings whereas some need repeated attention. It is said “To teach is to learn twice” and so, at the time of teaching, a teacher is fully engrossed in explaining and 98% of the class is fully concentrating but if a single child plays mischief or disturbs the link, the whole class is disturbed. No doubt, the teachers is annoyed and quite like a human feeling, would like to thrash the child. Just because of 2% of the students, 98% should not suffer! Fear grips them for their negative behavior once the teacher is annoyed.
Students should be made to understand the right and wrong, class manners, school rules and than even after this, a student does not pay heed, he should be punished so as to arouse fear. The fear should not be aroused at such an extent that the student refuses to come to school or has a school phobia or becomes a psychic patient. Sometimes, it becomes necessary that the Teacher goes against the proverb ‘Spare the rod and spoil the child’ Some kids are ill mannered, confused and frustrated. Their family atmosphere plays a major role, they are severely punished at home and naturally, they would pour out their outbursts in school and become stubborn. Teachers should be considerate, have sympathetic attitude to such children. However, as it is said “Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them, makes an impression” – True, Impressions last on the memories for a life time. So is the relationship of teacher-student that lingers in memory to be remembered with fondness for the close ties all through the years.


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