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Faces of Facebook

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Faces of Facebook

Billions of Faces on one Page – See where your Face roll down in the history of Social Media Giant Facebook.

“Creative Technologist” Natalia Rojas created an app mapping the profiles of Facebook’s 1,267,191,915 (and counting) users – and you can see where you come in the timeline

Called the Faces of Facebook, at first glance the page looks like a static television screen – but is actually millions of profile pictures. 

Arranged in numbers, from top left to bottom right, the image shows you who joined Facebook first – and you can see where you come in the timeline. (Kidsfreesouls Editor ilaxi patel stand 46, 375,193 user). When you click on Facebook user number one, you – of course – see founder Mark Zuckerberg’s image, along with co-founders Chris Hughes and Dustin Moskovitz.

By clicking the location symbol and putting in your Facebook details, you can pinpoint your place in the colourful mess, as well as the spots of all your Facebook friends.

Rojas writes, “There we are, all mixed up: large families, women wearing burkas, many Leo Messis, people supporting same-sex marriages or r4bia, chihuahuas, Indian Gods, tourists pushing the leaning Tower of Pisa, selfies, newborns, Ferraris.”

“We are not breaking any of Facebook privacy rules because we don’t store anyone’s private information, pictures or names,” Rojas wrote on the site. 

It is quite a trip to find you and your friends, who’s who and is a testament to the huge global distribution that Mark Zuckerberg’s social network enjoys today. A unique web based app and sure, this one will curiously make you glimpse at Facebook Smiley gallery!

* All contents on www.kidsfreesouls.com by Ilaxi Patel, Editor – Ilaxi has been writing her Tech column previously on her blog : http://kidsfstech.blogspot.in/ and all her new posts can be read here now. 


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