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Fairy & Cinderella

Fairy & Cinderella

As soon as the fairy waved her hand, the pumpkins became a coach and the six white mice became ponies. It was now time for Cinderella to leave for the Royal Palace where the ball was to be held. She was a bit nervous. The two ugly sisters had gone on ahead, not dreaming that Cinderella would follow.

 They thought that she would be sitting sadly at home or doing the cleaning.


When Cinderella walked down the marble staircase, the Prince’s eyes opened wide in surprise. Never had he seen such a beautiful damsel. He crossed the ballroom and bowing low before her, he asked her to dance with him. The band struck up the tune. The handsome Prince and the beautiful maiden waltzed happily round the room, while the onlookers gazed in wonder. Whoever could this be who had stolen the heart of their Prince Charming?

Answer these questions

1. Where was the ball taking place?
2. When did the pumpkin became a coach?
3. Who went ahead of Cinderella for the ball?
4. What happened when the Prince saw Cinderella?
5. Who stole the heart of the Prince?

Tick it:
1. The band struck up a tune a) band began to fight b) go on strike for more pay c) begin to play music?

Fill up: at, into, in, behind, beside

1. The friends sat …..one another
2. The plane fell …. the sea
3. The book was …… the cupboard
4. Sally shot ….. the target
5. In the race, Roger was just …. the winner

Underline the verbs in the Passage. eg.waved

Answer this:
One & More than one (Singular-plural) Nouns end with s. eg. sister-sisters
dog, leg, day, chocolate, card, book, boy, girl, pen, cap, shoe,key
We add es to nouns ending in s, ch, sh, x eg. brush-brushes
watch, bush, box, dish, church, peach, dress, glass, torch
We change f or fe in ves: eg. calf-calves
leaf, loaf, thief, wolf, wife shelf, knife, dwarf
(However,we say roof-roofs, proof-proofs, safe-safes, chief-chiefs)
We add ies to nouns ending in y – eg. – fairy-fairies
city, fly, lady, story, penny, army, duty, puppy, donkey,baby fairy, enemy,pastry
(However, we say Chimneys, toys, holidays, trolleys, valleys, etc.)
Some nouns end in o form plural by adding es – eg.potato-potatoes
hero, tomato, volcano, piano, mango, mosquito,
Some plurals are irregular: eg. foot-feet
goose, tooth, mouse, man, woman, child, ox, sheep

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