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Character sketch: Children can be encouraged to draw Character sketch of Charles Dickens. Born on 7th February, the Author is famous for the characters he created and his descriptions. A man of tremendous energy, he spent hours a day walking the London streets from which his characters and scenes came. Kids can list out Charles Dicken’s books and a classroom session / individual child session can be held on which story of Charles Dickens they like the most and why.

 Nutrition week: Feb is a month to set for Nutrition week. However, for Children, Nutrition week can be round the year, any time, any day. Work out a one week Nutritious Breakfast for kids. Make a Daily Recipe Chart by Adding Fruits, Juices, Green Vegetables, cereals and all the stuff healthy for children. Ask the child to make  their own Recipe Chart Make Child Nutrition a priority. Serve the best healthy Breakfast to the whole family for a week. Gift kids best Table wares like Mug, Glass, Mats, Bowls and also can follow up a  Table Manners Session . Children can make a poster on  Life Recipe  and stick to their room wall too.

Valentine day – 14th Feb. Many kids and teenagers celebrate Valentine Day, however, children do not know the Why of celebrating. Parents and Teachers may surf the  Valentine pages  on Kidsfreesouls and chart out projects. Projects like  Bird Myths, Love GodsFlowers, etc. Kids can make Scraps – You can print and paste these pages in your scrap or draw+color or stick pics and write the information. Print this Poster for Use in classroom – Also Find – Valentine Worksheet in Grammar Fun

Children Dental Health Month – A session on Dental Health can be taken in the classroom. Why Brushing teeth is must, how to brush, etc. Also, children can make posters on “Happiness is a Healthy Smile” or make colorful drawings “My Smile”. Or Just Colour smiles.
– Simple steps for Kids Dental Hygiene:   Culprit ‘Sugary Sweet’  Or Just Colour smiles. Find  Smile Calendar for February 

Love your Pet day – Stick pictures of your Pet and make Pet Album. Draw Imaginery Pet if you do not have a pet animal and write 10 sentences to show your love for animals – dog, cat, parrot, canary, rabbit, etc. Every day is Loving your Pet   – send card to friends who’ve love pets.  Send you Pet animal’s pics to Kidsfreesouls to place in ‘Loving Pets’


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