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Feed the Brain

Have you fed your brain today? Hey, everybody does, you’d say. But imagine, when you take the junk food like the burgers, pizzas or the potato chips, its the couch potato feel n drowsiness hovering over yourself. Nope, really I mean it. The grey quotient is that the brain needs 20 per cent of oxygen and 50 per cent of available glucose to do its job. Although it comprises only 2% of body weight, it uses 20% of the body’s available energy resources. Each of its 10 billion plus cells has a very high appetite which must be satisfied every minute of our lives for its proper functioning. 

A good mix of complex carbs, adequate protein and good fats should be taken every day. The food we consume is finally broken down into glucose which is the main brain fuel. Hence, a healthy breakfast is a must. Three meals interspersed with two snacks to prevent long hours of starvation is an ideal brain food diet.

Studies show that Alzheimer’s disease is higher in western countries as compared to my country India. One main reason I figure out is attributed for this is the turmeric, rich diet of Indian food. Blueberries, spinach, tomatoes, grapes are also rich intake. Vegetables, cereals, oatmeal, bran, fruits etc contribute to feed the brain properly. Above this is water. It is important to drink sufficient water as even slight dehydration can activate the stress hormones, which over time, can damage the brain.

It’s important to make physical activity a part of our life, simply by walking.  Regular exercise program boosts your circulation, bringing oxygen to the brain. A University of California study of nearly 6,000 women age 65 and up showed that those who did the most walking every week were least likely to show signs of cognitive decline.

Make physical activity a part of your everyday life. Aim for 30 minutes of exercise a day. Do things you enjoy. Go for a brisk walk or a bike ride. Dancing, sports game, swimming, climbing stairs – any sustained activity helps. You’ll feel better and enjoy life more! A regular exercise program boosts your circulation, bringing oxygen to the brain. 

Here is a site that might be of interest and it sure does speak a lot on many topics as well. This Indian site has all the recipes that you will love to relish too. Tarla Dalal, when I met her at a Gujarat Chamber of Commerce meet program, all she said was “Don’t worry, be Happy” – Don’t live to eat…just eat to live happily. I guess, eat right to live properly the right way!

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