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First, Break All the Rules By Marcus Buckingham & Curt Coffman

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First, Break All the Rules By Marcus Buckingham & Curt Coffman

First, Break All the Rules: What the World’s Greatest Managers Do Differently
By Marcus Buckingham & Curt Coffman

Building Better Relationships at Workplace
Review by ilaxi patel 

Marcus Buckingham & Curt Coffman reveal their inner vision to focus on four keys to become excellent managers.

Leaders are sometimes someone who yells, explodes, makes nearly impossible demands and rarely consider feelings of his subordinates in the changing scenario of Business challenges. In fact, Managers need the right feedback and know-how to deal with the employees and select them on the basis of talents & not only on skills and intellects. Managers need to pick the right choice, know the strength of the employee and define right results. Their role is to encourage and motivate the staff and the manager is totally responsible to build a team spirit says the Authors.

Buckingham & coffman focus on hiring people on their talents rather than experience. The employee need to be appreciated and rewarded for the job done well. Some Managers zoom on in on the weakness of employee to create embarrassment and humiliation. First Break All the rules indeed Shows the Managers to be different and recognize the potentials in the staff. Any employee who is facing a management flaw is `slogging’ in an uneasy environment and the results too lead to a downward fall in longer run. The result is either the staff finds the Boss Crazy or leave the job for a better prospects. This book is a read for all Managers & Leaders who want to retain their Star employees and reward them for their expertise to grow mutually. Bosses who are control freaks, unreasonable and not practical fail to survive. HRD is one main branch of company that is important and this book is just a tip on the iceberg, the right guide to Managers & staff to work in harmony, knowing their respective roles. The employees need opportunity to grow, clear concepts of work assignments, be praised for their achievement, right environment & friendly approach, motivation and their voice be heard as regards to their work level opinions & suggestions.

First Break All the Rules: What the world’s Greatest Managers Do Differently is my one most lovable book and when I read this book, I feel this is the right choice of Gift to give to any Leader who wish to Break Rules for better interaction and involvement, building better work place relationships for fruitful results. Yep, a gift to Break Rules – self improve and training session of Effective Management for Boss too!

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