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Frog Prince


FROG PRINCE – Adjectives & Prepositions

Once upon a time, there lived a King in a big palace. He had a very beautiful daughter who spent hours playing with her golden ball. One day, while she was playing, he golden ball rolled and fell into a dirty pond near the garden. The little princess started weeping.

 An ugly Frog popped out of the water and asked her “What is the matter? Why are you crying?” She Replied, “My favorite Ball has dropped into the water and I want it back.” The Frog said, “Do not cry. I will help you but tell me, what will you give me?” The Princess badly wanted the ball back and so she said, “I will give you anything you ask for”. The Frog dived down and within seconds, he was out again with the golden ball. The princess was very happy. Now came the time to keep the promise. The Frog said, “I wish to be your friend. I wish to eat, drink, sleep with you in your beautiful Palace.” The Princess ran away with the ball promising the Frog to be his friend.
Days passed by and the little Princess soon forgot about her promise. One day, the Frog came to the Palace and asked for the Princess. “Be off, you ugly Frog”, said the Princess. I don’t want to see you. The King asked her about the Frog. She told him about the promise to the King. The King said, “You must keep your promise if you have made”. Thus, the Frog stayed in the palace. He at from the Princess’s plate, drank from her glass. The Princess got very annoyed with the Frog. She did not eat for the whole day. Then, the Frog said, “I am very tired. Let us go to the Bed room.” He climbed up into her bed to sleep. The Princess lost her control and angrily picked up the ugly Frog and threw him with a bang on the floor. To her surprise, a handsome young man sprang up stunning her. He told her that he was in fact, a King of a distant Country whom a wicked witch had mad him an ugly Frog. Only if a Princess allowed him to eat, drink and sleep with her, he would be back to be a King again. The witch’s spell was broken. The King and the Princess married and they lived happily ever after.
Frog Prince Worksheet Here


Write the Answers in brief & underline the Adjectives :: (Describe nouns)

The first answer is done for you:-)

1. Where did the King live? : in a big palace

2. Describe the King’s daughter? ________________________________

3. Describe the Frog? _________________________________________

4. With what did the Princess Play? ______________________________

5. When the frog asked the princess why she was crying, what did she say:


6. The ball fell into ? __________________________________________

7. Describe the witch? _________________________________________

8. The Princess was very Happy. – Can you use another word to describe ‘happy’? _______________________________________________________

Find out the verbs in the story & underline them.

Now, Make your own sentences with these verbs: lived, reading, rolled, fell, laughing, weeping, popped, dropped, dived, swimmed, sleeping, eating, refused, annoyed, climbed, allow


Fill in the blanks with prepositions : in, on, near, under, above, from, after, into, etc.

1. The Princess was playing ____ the pond. 
2. The ball fell _______ the pond.
3. The frog came ____ the palace and asked for the Princess.
4. The sweets are ____ the box.
5. The dog is running ________ the cat.
6. The Princess was sitting ____ the chair. 
7. The birds were flying ____ the sky _____ the trees. 
8. The cat is ______ the table.

Further Practice:

beautiful, big, lovely, red, blue, wicked,ugly, heavy, soft,pretty, little, happy, favourite, warm,

One day a _____ bird flew over my house. It had ____ wings. There were ____ and _____ in color. It sat on a ______ rose in my garden. Suddenly, a ____________ cat came by. She was fat and ______. I jumped and picked up a ____ rod to chase away the cat. Than the bird spoke in a ____ voice. ‘Thank You’. I told the bird that it was very _______. The _________ bird was ______. It became my __________ friend. We shared a _______ friendship. 

To the Parent/Teacher : Click Grammar Fun for More Adjectives
The story is aimed at Revision of Nouns, Adjectives, Verbs, Prepositions,


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