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Games Lesson Plan

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Games Lesson Plan
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Games are ever Fun, Learn and Entertainment in the classroom. At Swagat Children Library,

Children have jolly time playing most of the games listed ‘All Time Favorites Games.’ Be it Games with unity or dividing the class into small groups. Let them make flags, select their symbols or name their team.

Have students list their favorite games and sports, and choose the ones that can reasonably be played in the classroom or on the playground. Help students list the rules for each game.

Organize competitions, and award medals for sportsmanship as well as for winning the games.
Some tips:

* Discuss their favorite games and the meaning of sportsmanship and how to compete
*Describe the types of competitive games played at their school and in the community
*Discuss and view pictures of Sports, even Olympic sports
*Draw pictures of themselves participating in sports; and share their pictures with the class.
* Children can make Sports Project – Help them index pages selecting topics for Sports Project. It can range from brief on Sports, list of games, their favorite choice list and paste pictures of sportspersons etc.

Some Games are featured in ‘Kidsfreesouls All Time Favorites’ – Conduct games session and help Children with Project on Games.

Games and it’s just Fun all the way. 

Start a Personality session to know each other and smooth sail friendly relationship.
Games Lesson Plan


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