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Give words and wings to your Wishes 2013-2014


Give words and wings to your Wishes 2013-2014

This year, here’s wishing Peace and joy to all who pass this way. 2012 has been a year of the Good, bad and the ugly – events that shook us anywhere we reside in the universe. This is where we think of ‘CHANGE’ – We have the Power. Power within us to change ourselves. So, let’s resolve. Build the Arks for future and keep the faith 

We need to give words and wings to our wishes and watch as the world as it takes a turn. Let the world and people around us respond just the way we want them to be. All we desire is just a call away but we have to build a unity among us. We need to spread the message of love, faith, peace to be united. A slow but a steady message may shake the faith and change innerselves. Join my mission here and make resolutions, make them firm.

As to health topics, here’s ‘Colour me Joy’ – Tips for all for the year. It’s all that’s so thoughtful – What we eat and what we wear:

Colour Me Sunday : Gold. Eat a papaya. Wear gold, golden shaded clothes. A lucky day for the Leo, place sun flowers in a vase. Gold brings in luck and fame.

Colour me Monday ” White. Eat Onions, garlic, bananas, cucumber,mushrooms. Lucky day for those whose zodiac sign rule by the moon. Wear silver jewellery. Bring white roses to your cozy room.

Colour me Tuesday: Red. Eat Strawberries, tomatoes, red apples, watermelon. Lucky day for those whose zodiac sign is ruled by Mars. Wear garnet studded jewellery and wear red and scarlet.

Colour me Wednesday: Green. Kiwi fruit, spinach, brocolli, peas, asparagus, cauliflower. Lucky day for gemini and virgo signs. Wear Green diamond jewellery and green shaded clothes. Watch the green nature.

Colour me Thursday: Yellow and blue. Eat papaya or blueberries. Lucky day for Sagitarian. Wear a yellow topaz or royal shade of blue. Light lavendar scented candles to get good fortune as Thursday is a day for prosperity, abundance and good health.

Colour me Friday: Pink. Eat cherries or raspberries. Sacred for goddess of love – venus and eros. A day for romance. Lucky day for Libras. Wear pink and aqua. Bring pink roses in the bedroom and light rose scented candles.

Colour me Saturday: Black. Eat Mulberries, dark red black shade peaches and raspberries, grapes. The god of Karma – Saturn rules. Lucky day for capricorn and Aquarian. Wear deep and black purple.

Eating a variety of five fruit and vegetables a day could reduce deaths from heart disease, stroke and cancer by up to 20 per cent, according to the NHS Plan, a Department of Health document published in 2000.

And to add to this, Life is a Celebration – So, Enjoy Music – Let this be the speech of Angels and let Music fill your life with joy.

Farewell bygone days and welcome new. You have the Power to change your lifestyle. Feel positive and Enjoy – Choose Life!

(All Posts by ilaxi patel: This Health & Fitness Blog is based on personal thoughts and research work. Readers may please Consult your Doctor for your Health Problems)



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