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Guilty By A Foot


Alex was wearing his friend’s favourite loafers, the ones with the taps on the soles. As he clanked across the floor, the Inspector told him to sit down. “Here”, Alex said to Josh, “Lets trade back. They’re too noisy for me.”. Josh took the loafers, and muttered, “too bad”, cause I really like them.”

The Inspector, irritated said, “Excuse me, but we are here to find out who stole this woman’s purse.”

The woman stood up and spoke clearly. “I just finished shopping and was walking to my car in the garage. It was pretty dark and I didn’t see or hear anyone. But just as I was about to unlock my car, I felt a tug on my arm. I tried to clutch my bag to me, but he was too strong and turned me around when he ripped the strap off my shoulder.” After a pause, she continued. “All I saw was someone running off, wearing a jacket just like those two.” I screamed and here I am with no purse and a sore shoulder.”

Alex and Josh fidgeted in their seats. The Inspector looked at each of them. Josh spoke up first. “Don’t look at me. I was sitting on a bench, not anywhere in the garage.”

The Inspector then took a step towards Alex. His voice was very firm. “I don’t think you’ll want to trade for what I’m going to give your friend here – a jail sentence!”

Why did the Inspector say that???


The shoes Alex wore were much too noisy not to be heard in the garage. Josh was wearing sneakers, which would have made him able to sneak up on the woman without being heard.





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