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Highlights of Gujarat Government Budget 2013-14


Gujarat government announced its annual budget for 2013-14 with Comprehensive and inclusive Development. The Budget size has increased by 12.52% to Rs.1,14,450 crores as against Rs.10,01,172 in 2012-13.  

The annual development plan is fixed to Rs.58, 500 crore. The Budget was presented on 20th February 2013 in the Gujarat Vidhan Sabha by Finance Minister Shri Nitinbhai Patel.


Chief Minister Narendra Modi hailed the 2013-14 Budget and said, “This is the first budget presented by the new Government after being re-elected and the budget shows that the Gujarat Government is committed to progress of Gujarat and is also determined to increase the pace of development in the state.” He said, unlike the Center, Gujarat plans expenditure in a proportion that 65% is spent on development while 35% spent on running the Government. 

 The Focused areas are:

Highlights of Gujarat Government Budget 2013-14


Majority of the allocation is taken into consideration for:

Social service (Rs 24586 cr)
Irrigation and flood control (Rs 12660 cr)
Transportation (Rs.5006 cr)
Energy (Rs 4996 cr)
Industries and mines(Rs 2455 cr)
Agri and allied services (Rs3763 cr) etc

Sector wise provision is as per the following details:

Highlights of Gujarat Government Budget 2013-14


The state said it would create Gujarat Research and Innovation Fund to promote strategic partnerships in research and exchange programmes. The Youth are the active participants of the Development process and CM has announced the SkillUniversity and Gujarati Skill Development Corporation to address the requirement of skill pool. 

The budget also announced creation of Chief Minister’s Scholarship Fund to support students of socio-economic backward class and needy students of the neo middle class. The state yet again emphasized the need for its youth to learn English. The budget enlisted a provision of Rs.1 cr to impart language training to the youth.

Highlights of Gujarat Government Budget 2013-14


For More Government of Gujarat, Highlights of Budget click for pdf

 Gujarat Budget 2013-14

Sources: Kidsfreesouls News Desk

Budget copy: Gujarat Information Bureau 

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