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How to Succeed in Business Without Working So Damn Hard

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How to Succeed in Business Without Working So Damn Hard

How to Succeed in Business Without Working So Damn Hard: Rethinking the Rules, Reinventing the Game by Robert J. Kriegel
Review by: ilaxi patel

Damn Hard Cash Crunch & Start Living!

Author of the national bestseller: If it ain’t broke…BREAK IT!, Dr. Kriegel has been called by U.S. News & World Report one of this country’s leading authorities in the field of change and human performance.

His latest book is How to Succeed in Business Without Working so Damn Hard. His last book, Sacred Cows Make The Best Burgers, made Business Week’s bestseller list in it’s first month! A commentator on National Public Radio’s Marketplace program, Kriegel recently made two specials for PBS.

Kriegal’s work is based on one simple, persuasive premise: work better, not harder. It’s possible to be more productive, create more profit and be happier by working less hours, but in a more directed way. Kriegel takes this principle and splits it into two guidelines: don’t conform, but rethink the way you work, and don’t compete against others.

His book breaks down these principles into measures that every businessperson can apply. Exploit your strengths, for example, rather than trying to solve your weaknesses; make a serious effort to halve your number of meetings; look at business ideas outside of your industry, and think how they could be applied.

It has ever been a race to meet the deadlines, blindly following up the routine work pressures and sacrificing the wee hours of life in order to gain achievement to label n brand it as `success’ -This is the major folly of most efficient people at workplace who pay a price missing wider opportunities to enhance better future. The game is all about Working wisely and not Damn Hard as the Author advice cool tips on how to succeed in Business with a sharpened job performance pulling in the effective measures to take charge of total control of time schedules.

Robert Kriegel’s own experience has inspirational theme to add to productivity with less efforts. He focus on more efficiency reducing stress levels at workplace. With latest technology creeping in day in and out, cell phones, computers, internet demands more Time, money and energy levels to cope up with mounting work pressures.

As Kriegel says, “The American ethic is also one of a pioneering spirit, of exploring new territory, and of taking the path less trod. It is one of creating change, rather than responding to market shifts and new opportunities, and of being out in front of the wave, rather than trying to keep up.”

I personally feel, work never has a dead end but life’s frustration do! And this is where Robert’s insights are really helpful to be a success and re-think over working Damn hard as its endless. There is a time for let-go and just do nothing sometimes to rejuvenate oneself again and Robert’s book is a tip on ice-berg `Work wonders, work wise ways’ and there you scale higher to achieve in this economy crunch – all gains and no pains. I personally recommend this book for workaholic Businessmen and management leaders.

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