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How To Tackle Behavior Problems Of Students


How To Tackle Behavior Problems Of Students

N. R. Primary School, Ahmedabad


A child is like a mirror. Whatever comes his way, falls and creates an impression upon his mind. Behavior, as such, is an expression of a child with respect to a particular situation. These expressions vary from one child to another.

This variance is attributed to various factors like his upbringing, family background and his relation with his parents. Behavior patterns vary in school and at home. The behavior of a child in school defines his nature as a student. Some typical behavior of children in school pose hindrance to their learning process. Some case studies can be explained as below:
Diffident Child : These types of children always keep themselves away from any kind of discussion or competition due to lack of confidence. This slows down their learning process. The reason that can be attributed to such type of behavior could be over dominance at home by elders and lack of encouragement to express themselves. These children need a very high level of motivation and confidence boosting dosage from parents and teachers. They can be encouraged to participate in various debates and competitions. They should be appreciated for their achievements or praised even for simple efforts. This action would encourage them and make them more confident.

Mischievous Child : Such children try their hands with all kinds of pranks. These children are destructive minded and are difficult to control them. Over freedom by parents make such kids have no fear. They possess over superiority complex and are over confident. Such kids behave normally with teachers like the way they behave with their parents. The sure way to control such naughty children is to keep them occupied with some activity or the other. They can efficiently manage to monitor the class, help the teacher with small classroom tasks which might make him aware of certain responsibilities. Pampering such children means inviting trouble for him and for others too. Pampering should be avoided even if he is a single child at home as for a teacher in school, all students are equal and unreasonable demands are not fulfilled in school.
After all, the behavior of children are not intentional but the root cause needs to be identified. It is necessary that parents and teachers should have a good understanding for betterment of a child.


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