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Hridaan: Infant Blog – first month

noddy hridaan

Hridaan: Infant Blog - first month

Hi, I am H R I D A A N   Born on July 10, 2013 on the Auspicious day of Rathyatra… When I was 7 days old, my mom Mansi, clicked my pic that you see here and my Granny Mom nicknamed me ‘Noddy boy’

Hridaan: Infant Blog - first month

My naming ceremony was on 21st July and my Dad Binal gave me a sweet holy name ‘Hridaan’ which means ‘Gift of the heart’ or even call it, Gift of god – Hari daan. On 25th July when I was 15 days old, my first pic was uploaded by GrannyMom on her Facebook Profile – Whew, I got over a 100 + Likes and comments   O really I am so cute  My mom Mansi hold me soft when I cry and tug me to bed with a sweet smile as she kisses me good sleep  On 26th July, I first entered the Library and got my first Book  And yeah, got my Friendship Day band from Library kids on 4th August My grandpa loves me and cuddles me tight

10th August and it’s my First Month Happy Birthday  Follow my posts on Kidsfreesouls.com and also on Kidsfreesouls FB

Hridaan: Infant Blog - first month


Did you Like my Blog? Watch this space as Hridaan writes more – Follow me here and also my posts on Kidsfreesouls Facebook – See my pic on Facebook Here and give me Blessings 🙂 


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