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Hunger Pangs


Hunger Pangs

Hunger pangs and there’s the lifestyle with Eat, drink and be merry. A lot of eating and sleeping disorders end up later to only crave for food, resulting to obese health.

Recently, American scientists have researched to find that hunger pangs may trigger memory. A hunger hormone ghrelin can increase the number of nerve connextion in the brain where new memories are formed.    Ghrelin is released by empty stomach into the bloodstream and is known to activate receptors throughout the brain. Even the hormone leptin has a link to the brain’s memory and learning process. Leptin controls food intake and body weight. Thus, controls the urge to eat.

As such, students to appear for exams or in process of revision learning are helped to remember faster with empty stomach. Pangs of hunger also arise due to stress levels.

Well, here’s to say, hunger speaks not from the belly but from the brain. The growling of our stomach is actually the movement of digestive gases and juices in the small intestine. It’s here we need to retrain the brain. Back home from a movie show and the late night hunger pangs arise. A small helping and no work gets bored feelings and hunger pangs up! Eat like a glutton and the concentration, memory and mood swings high and low. Also there are all chances to be obese with an Attitude – Eat, drink, be merry and who cares! A good deal of food and the cravings won’t go but as soon as the food is consumed, the hunger pangs stop – only to want more with the Binge eating disorder. A compulsive overeating habit which is almost followed by teens – who eat large amount of food and don’t stop even after full. There’s where you become a food addict and become obese. Moreover, makes a person feel helpless, hopeless and get those pangs of depression.

We can debate a lot more on this topic but for now, one need to concentrate on the body image and self esteem. If one becomes obese, so are the effects on self esteem.  Hunger pangs and the pain can be too much. It’s to think, how much food should I eat and take control of the plate. There’s no need to get those hunger pangs, be obese and than go for the Gym exercise. Instead opt for these simple steps:

* Keep busy with work – read, write or paint. Get engaged in any work or even hobby.

* Keep away from the refrigerator and even kitchen other than eating time.

* Drink more water with recommended eight glasses a day which help to curb hunger. When you feel the hunger pangs, go for a glass of water first. Make water an essential part of your diet.

* Keep the chips , cookies away from your bedroom esp teens.

* Eat low calorie food, have healthy snacks and eat a lot of vegetables like carrots, broccoli, spinach, celery, etc. Get to eat fruits and avoid sweets or chocolates intake.

* When too hunger pangs pop up, eat a low fat cottage cheese, low in calories and high in proteins.

* Eat or much pop corn which fills up.

All that I do to curb my hunger pangs but most of, I would always suggest a busy schedule with managed breaks at intervals for planned eating and drinking those nourishing soups. A daily walk for at least 20 minutes or an exercise routine – And no hunger pangs, no memory gain or loss and no depression nor getting obese. Being over weight is sure a Health Problem.

Btw, I read on Statesman on “Full Mouse, Empty Mouse: A Tale of Food and Feelings” – the Author and clinical psychologist Dina Zeckhausen, who contend the scourge of eating disorders in North America. Zeckhausen believes her storybook delivers a “mindful eating” message that even young children can digest. Well, this is a great step to encourage children through stories on Eating well, eating right.

Here’s also Artie Knapp, an Author who has written great stories for children on Kidsfreesouls and as a Kidsfreesouls Team crew, here’s his tales that has moral values esp. with “There’s a Crocodile in our Pickle Jar” and Artie makes the kids realize that they’ve to eat their food well or they get the hunger pangs later on.


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Pic courtesy: Earth Talk, Environment column on Kidsfreesouls


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