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Ice Road Trucker


Ice Road Trucker

On one of the coldest frontiers on earth, road construction crews begin the process of creating the most unique passage in the world: a 350 mile highway of ice.  Truck drivers from all over North America make the long journey to Yellowknife, Canada for their chance at some quick cash. Season 1 had six Ice truckers with 18 wheelers to haul equipments and supplies to one of the diamond mines to north east of Yellowknife.

Winter is the ‘BIG MONEY’ months for truckers. They push through brutal temperatures and drive more perilous roads than the rest of the year. The drivers’ families stay behind waiting out the season, never knowing if their loved ones are safe. For every load they haul across the ice, truck drivers are able to make as much as $2000.  If they have the stamina and strength to weather brutal temperatures and severe blizzards, they can make a year’s salary in just eight weeks. However, they have to move fast and get as many loads as possible – before spring arrives and the road melts away. It is just around two months!  

Alex is son of a polish military officer who is witty and jovial. He is a father of 11 children and 7 grandchildren.

Jay is the most talented driver and operator of his generation. He is held in universal respect and is a natural leader. Recognized for his ready intelligence, ability, and wit, he started driving at 16, owned his first truck at 18 and has now traded up to his third vehicle. He is a devoted father. He operates a 2-story mining shovel at Diavik when he’s not trucking on. Jay has a lovely daughter and he thinks, he can give her better education as she grows up gracefully while he earns the money for all.

The other Truckers are Alex, Drew, Hugh, Rick, Jerry, Eric, Davey, Bear, Jay, TJ, who’ve families to care for. They are on the move on Ice Trucking to make a lot of money to help improve the lives of their wife and children. Their family is the most important thing in their life.  The ice road does not stop for family and they quickly learn that making the most of ‘the dash for the cash’ means making major sacrifices.

Being an Ice Road Trucker is one of the world’s most dangerous Occupation. In summer Arctic Ocean becomes their home.

1. What does the Road Construction crew do?

2. How many truckers did Season 1 have?

3. Where do the Truck Drivers go and why?

4. Why is the month of winter significant for the Truck Drivers?

5. How much money do the Truck Driver make for a load to reach the destination?

6. How is the weather condition while they drive through the Ice roads?

7. Who are the Truck Drivers and why do many of them take risk on this kind of a job?

8. What do ‘dash for the cash’ mean?

9. What is the major sacrifice the Truck drivers give?1

10. Which is the world’s most dangerous occupation? Why?

11. Internet research work : Search Google with keywords: Yellow Knife, History Channel 

Grammar Fun: Common Sayings: Idioms

Our language contains many common sayings and it is important to understand and use them. Many of them do not make sense but if you possibly think over, they really do mean more than you can think. Eg. Dash for cash – (race for cash) for cash, the Ice Road Truckers do dash to venture into a risky occupation.

Now, learn and make sentences: 


To hit below the belt: to act unfairly towards an opponent 

To get into hot water : to get into trouble 

To hand one’s head : to be ashamed of oneself 

To let the cat out of the bag: to give away a secret 

To paddle one’s own canoe : to do things for oneself 

To make both ends meet : to work hard and live within one’s means 

To turn over a new leaf : to lead a new life 

To have a feather in one’s cap : to have done something to be proud of 

To put the cart before the horse : to do things the wrong way round 

To take French leave : to go without permission 

To feather one’s nest : to increase one’s possessions 

To make a mountain out of a molehill : to make trifling difficulties appear great ones 

To give a person a cold shoulder : to make him feel unwelcome 

To blow one’s own trumpet : to boast about oneself 

To pay through the nose : to pay a huge price 

To be a wet blanket : to be a spoilsport 

To be under a cloud : to be under suspicion 

To show the white feather : to show cowardice 

To draw a long bow : to exaggerate 

To take the bull by the horns : to meet difficulties boldly 

To be a dog in a manger : to deny to others what is useless to oneself. 

To have an axe to grind : to have something to gain by an action


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