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Like a breath of fresh air, it is that thing which elevates the spirit, gives a sense of direction, a strong motivation and a sense of purpose. It is about finding answers in the most unexpected places. It could be someone you meet while travelling, it could be a movie, a play or a quote which grabs your attention .It could be a story, a novel, an article which stirs you up, an incident you see. It could be anything at all! 




Inspiration many a times comes all of a sudden out of nowhere. May be they are the answers of questions you had a long time ago, maybe they are clues to your current problem situation, maybe the joy of meeting a stranger and discovering that you have so much in common. Many of you may be nodding your heads in unison. Well, it happens all the time! We just need to be open to what’s coming our way.

Well, as for me a simple sunset can lift my spirits. I may have seen so many of them, but each sunset appears new to me. The calm of the atmosphere at that point of time, the warmth of the red softly glowing sun instills a glow somewhere inside which I cannot explain. The beauty of nature, the tall trees, the song of the birds, the splash of the ocean waves, all of them somewhere leave a deep impact on me, giving me a feeling of connection with everything around.

The most important people in my life- My parents, sister, in laws, spouse and friends continuously inspire me. Their encouraging words, their trust in me, their own life style and thinking inspires me to do better myself. I really thank God for them!
Some people I meet during my travels inspire me. The sharing of ideas, thoughts and events gives me an insight into the other person’s world. There have been many times when I’ve been inspired by someone’s life and the choices they’ve made. It’s a great feeling to connect with someone you didn’t know before and leave with a feeling of having known the person for a long time!

There was also a time during my student life when I surrounded myself with motivating words, phrases and quotes to inspire me all the time. There was a poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox, another by Robert Frost, many positive phrases from ‘You can Heal your life’ by Louise Hay, only to name a few. In those days, I would love to pin up things on the soft board above my study table. I had quotes stuck on my cupboard, even mirror!! It helped me sail through challenging times very smoothly.

As Ella Wheeler Wilcox rightly says about ‘inspiration’

“Not like a daring, bold, aggressive boy,
Is inspiration, eager to pursue,
But rather like a maiden, fond, yet coy,
Who gives herself to him who best doth woo”

Well, signing off on this note for now but I’d love to hear from you. Do drop in your comments and share your inspirations too!

– Kirandeep


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