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Month of Quotes 
Collect  Fairy Tales  from Grimm’s Fairy Tales
India’s Republic Day  on 26th Jan
Earthquake pages 
International Letter Writing Month – 15 -21 at Swagat

 Letter Writing : Why write letters. It’s simple and works – helps children to develop writing skills. Explain four main types or modes of writing: descriptive, narrative, expository, and persuasive. Let the kids write imaginary or real postal letters to friends, relatives or even family members. They can write to the School Principal or teacher related to school event or even to newspaper like kidsfreesouls or print media about narrating their travel experience or complaints – anything as per the age of the child. Let them write letters narrating the story they have read or write about their tour experiences. Let kids have their point across with proper grammar, neat handwriting or proper text fonts if using tech. Provide tips using salutation, body copy and closings. Provide online resources if using tech. Shake writers block and get started right away – Remember the Pen Pal exchange letters of yester years? Quick and to the point, write and send across a letter to Kidsfreesouls  too.

Month of Quotes :

January is the month for Kite flyingMake a scrap book and jot down all the quotes you find on Kidsfreesouls Quotes  or Real Stuff. You can even search the web  to find Quotes by famous leaders, celebrity quotes, Inspirational, motivational or any. Make some kites and write selected quotes on it. Display on school walls or your room. Why, fly them high and when the kite is cut, your quote message will reach to one who gets it. By trying to find a few quotations, children end up learning many and can even use them while writing compositions, letters, etc.

Collect Fairy Tales from Grimm’s Fairy Tales :

Jacob Grimms was born this month. So, collect fairy tales from Grimm’s Fairy Tales books and write reviews. It is so much fun to read, narrate and write reviews of Hansel and Gretel, Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Rumpelstiltskin, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty etc. Children can even paste stickers in their scrap book. Read more  stories here  and write reviews too.

India’s Republic Day on 26th Jan:

Explore India page  on Kidsfreesouls. Make a Project and cover India information.



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