Judgement Call – Maturity, Emotions and the Teenage Brain

Judgement Call – Maturity, Emotions and the Teenage Brain


How oft Parents are confused and lost with the behavior patterns of their children ! Especially, the Teenagers. These new generation lot have access to almost everything which their parents did not. Inspite of this, their brains are wired withs irritation and rash attitude. The reason to this is that the brain may not fully develop until around age 25, meaning that teenagers are left with a brain going through growing pains, just like the rest of their body.

Teenagers aren’t ready to face the world as they’re not fully equipped with solutions or remedies and can’t face the real world problems.

There’s no point in making an issue bigger with a conflict with a teen as matters may get worse. As a parent, understanding this stage in your teen’s development could make the difference in getting through to them. Talking to them and understanding them from their point of view is good and if they’re stuck up somewhere, it’s rathar good to make them understand with tact and wise advice.

Here’s an Infographic that is so powerful to show the Brain Power.





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