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Independence Day Theme. Collect Independence day celebration pictures and paste in your scrap. Write your National Anthem and jot down all about how your country became Independent. Write how you will help your country in need of hour. Also find 4th July Craft Ideas  ( Crafts for Kids  (India Independence  – US Independence )

Chocolate day – Collect chocolate recipes and make a colorful recipe book.  my Recipes

 National Ice-cream Month. Find History of Ice-creams. Find your fav Ice-cream flavors, make a list. Make crafts like Ice-cream cones and stick colorful decorations on it. Find more Crafts ideas from Kaboose.com  ( Crafts for Kids ) (  my winning Recipes  )

 George Bernard Shaw’s  Birthday. You probably have learnt him in school lessons. Collect Literature Profile for you scrap and make the Project. Some  Literature Project tips. 

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