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Junk drawer head

A friend complained to me “I doze off to bed and begin waking up at dawn, later prowl round the house, wide eyed and desperate as I couldn’t sleep. My head pops in junk and it’s hell dreams even if I sleep.” The day goes bad as she couldn’t focus on work. Chances are ‘Fatigue’, I said. Whatever, be it. One in four of us struggle with the grogginess or a lack of energy at times. Fatigue is one of the most oft cited reasons and though insomnia seems to be a root problem, it may be many tired people get plenty of shut eye. Sometimes, it’s really an act of courage to get out of bed in the morning.  

However, inspite of much sleep, some women around 40 do feel zapped. Long hours of sleep or restless sleep often lead to signal depression. The common theme: fatigue with loss of interest in formerly pleasurable activities is a possibility. In some instances, chronic fatigue syndrome draws roots after a sickness and with this CFS, comes loss of memory and an inability to concentrate. The sore throat, muscle or joint pains are common complains I noticed. Maybe that’s the reason spa centers and massaging flourish which help in the recovery. It’s never too late, one can reverse a lifetime of bad habits and shrug off the blues. Get life into the daily living. Positive living requires balancing mind coping to situations and taking care to be fit as a fiddle. Fatigue is not a disease but soon can lead to those multiple diseases we could face. Health is a concern at any age. It’s time to think: ‘Early to sleep, early to rise – Healthy to eat, be witty and wise’. Anyways, It’s your Life!


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