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Magical Moments

Something magical happens when parents turn to Grandparents as Guardian of kids. They remember and revive their own Parenting when upbringing their own kids. The hardship faced in balancing the work front, home and Children is demanding and challenging. As a Parent, sometimes you just want to disappear!

Today, Parenting is important as Tag Parenting has been on rise as joint family concept is fading. Authoritarian Parenting with belief, “my way or go to highways” miss out on feelings of Children as they think this is spoiling the child. They do not involve kids in problem solving challenges instead they make rules and enforce punishments instead of discipline. Children of authoritarian parents are at a higher risk of development self-esteem problems because their opinions aren’t valued.

Children need the love and care. As such, they are demanding and feel insecure at times. Their Attitude solely depends on Parenting styles which differ from Authoritarian to Authoritative, Permissive or Uninvolved Parenting on which I have penned on Authoritarian Parenting elaboratively.

Intriguing research has shown a link between the way a parent interacts with a child and physiological changes in kids. So, point is, It’s not surprising that a parent-child relationship that’s often filled with conflict or neglect would have a negative effect on kids’ emotional or mental health. Beware!

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