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Master your Moods


Master your Moods

High jinx, mood swings, life stings!

Changing moods are reflected in our internal chemistry as ‘Mood swings, Life stings’ and sometimes one wonders ‘Why does this happen!’ Life really stings and your brain starts pumping more of the stimulants getting you hay wired. If a parent, probably the target of your mood swing is your spouse or the child ! 

The brain is a ‘Thought factory’, which produces thoughts and requires good operational methods to keep it functioning smooth. Our moods are reflected by our emotions, which involve around three mysterious factors – arousal, expression and experience. Even the food we eat, health and level of activity or time of the day can play a role. A bad mood can be hazardous. Scientists say that chronically angry and hostile people may be more likely to develop heart disease. A 1995 study of over 1600 heart attack victims by Harvard University Researchers found that a single angry episode doubles your odds of having heart attack within next two hours! Thoughts arise emotions and these emotions produce action, which need to be in control. Don’t get wired as the mood swings up for ‘fight to flight’. Psychologist David Watson tracked the moods and body temperatures of more than 125 people for many days. He derived to conclusion that people feel happiest when body temperature is elevated which corresponds to peak energy times.

The mood cycle keeps changing and its best to ‘Think wise’ and set right the mood with simple thoughtful KIDSFS tips.

Get enough sleep – Sleep Less & Live more but be sure to get recharged as sub optimal amounts of sleep can play havoc with out emotions. Mood swings causing trouble to control anger if you are tired and cranky. The brain cells weaken with fatigue and ‘off mood’ stinks bubbling depressive feelings

Be Positive – Everything around us is essentially neutral; we impose the value, either positive or negative. Most of the time, a human mind impose negative thoughts, an insight that often ‘snaps’ out. Most of the fears do not turn true and those who fear generally bump into mood swings. The quick fix is simply to smile bad moods away. It becomes easier to conquer the mind and keeps you cool and relax.
Keep in touch with Nature – Banish the blues as contact with nature is thought by many experts to contribute to optimal moods. Staying in full traffic is more tiring than taking a stroll in a garden. Set right the mood by enjoying nature – the sun, moon and the stars, the birds and the trees and all beauty around.

Let there be Good food – Mood swings are often fuelled by neurotransmitters in the brain that are turned on and off by the food we eat or we don’t. Drinking tea or coffee with less intake of food swings the mood as poor eating habits makes you cranky. Balanced food diet with limit intake of caffeine and sugar lowers the irritability. Dehydration can cause fatigue and hence, drinking six to eight glasses of water per day is must.

Entertain yourself – Listen to good music to keep you in good spirits. Relax those brain cells with soft, melodious, meditative music. Listening to Rock and heavy metal blurs the mind cells.

Be active & keep moving – A brisk walk for ten minutes boosts energy and reduces tension immediately. Engage in an activity that suits your taste especially when mood swings up and it disappears with diverted attention. Being active makes a big difference as laziness only sulks you down.

Pinpoint the problem – Before you fret and fume over a problem, discover the problem itself ‘why did this happen’ , what is the course of action, and things would not seem bad. A solution will find its way as anxiety disappears making you clearly see the problem and deriving to solutions or just forget – Blast the problem!

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