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1st May is May Day – Gujarat Day : Gujarat completes 50 glorious years. Find Swarnim Gujarat page and pledge info. Check for worksheets on Gujarat here.

Asparagus – CARTOON MONTH :  Cartoon Fun and Cartoon Kids  pages at Kidsfreesouls – check Site of the Month. Collect Cartoon images and stick in scrap book. Write on Cartoons and which Cartoons you like most. What is your favorite Cartoon TV channel. Make a Poster with Cartoon Character.

Archie Day or (any cartoon character) : Read books on Archie (cartoon) – share with friends, write reviews. Watch Cartoon by setting time, day for the month.

 International Day of Families: Kids can make Family Albums and write on a Journal about their Family members – How they love, share, care, play games – just about their feelings for the family members. Teachers or parents can help childen to debate and sort for differences arising in families.

LIMERICKS MONTH: Collect  Limericks from Kidsfreesouls site, other sites. Make a colorful Limericks file by adding all Limerick print outs from the web. Learn Poetry Soup and try write your own Limerick.

Mother’s Day : Make a Hand Made Card for Mom. Write a letter to your  Mom what she means to you and express your gratitude.

As exams get over with the summer vacations here, children have ample time for creativity. Kids can browse through Fairy Land,  read the stories and make a Story Project – print stories, read and add to file, write reviews, paste stickers, draw and color story character, etc. Also, click for the For Kids page and enjoy activities.


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