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Kids Freesouls is a Newspaper for Kids with Resources for Parents & Teachers. It Provides Information, Education, Entertainment Themes. Started in 1997 as a Homepage at Tripod, the website stood Independent in 2003 as The site covers all Supplement pages of the Print Media supplement ‘Freesouls’ of Sambhaav Newspapers (Editor, Ilaxi Patel, Freesouls and Ex Online Editor for

Kidsfreesouls is also Kids NIE (Newspaper in Education) with Extensive Use of Contents in Classrooms Worldwide and the site is used for HOMESHOOLING. It promotes Literacy & Academic Achievement.

Ed Desk

Journalism is a challenge. It is very important to write a Personal Mission and as I started writing in print, my Mission is:

Spread the Message of Love, Faith, Peace & Unity  Among Human Beings. 

Writing a Mission Statement helps us to remind us of our passions and strive to reach our goal someway. I was asked once by a friend, ‘How can you spread love, faith….?’ I had no idea what to reply on a small ICQ screen but the site might be a reply to this,
I guess.

When I started writing, I wanted to gain wisdom and humanize the news. Well, I came from an average family, convent educated-a Carmelite, when I use to borrow books and read! A day came, when I set up my own personal Library and even become an Author! I entered into a family where members believed Gandhian values, in Giving and not receiving. They always said, ‘You share your knowledge but don’t sell it. Do not make it a profession’ I also understand the Gita, ‘Karm karo, Phal ki Iccha mat rakho’ means, Do your job with no expectations. This is how, I though of spreading Literacy and became an Educationist + Journalist + Biz person.

As a Journalist, maybe we help others, or uncover corruption and the abuse of power. We go for a thorough research for our stories  and explain how things work, or create positive change in our communities.

As an Editor, there is more a responsibility, loyalty and honesty, integrity and compassion. Being more a leader into Online Journalism, it ever has been a challenge, hard work and growing more to reach heights with experience every day. Here, in Online Journalism, as Editor, you are the Boss, Content is the king and surfers are the readers with Search Engines who Appreciates your work’  – I am completely drawn to the joys of teaching and the rewards of creating an environment where the people around are informed, learn and get tech savvy. There is no limits to what human souls can do on the web and I have nurtured my talents getting to be ‘A Jack of all Trades and trying to be Master of All’ – In process, every day is a new day learning and sharing abundant joys of wisdom.

I write, design, manage, maintain, host, market and promote my own websites, my book and share my wisdom and knowledge. I apt to be slow performing ‘SOLO” but nevertheless a steady pace as I carry on my task on kidsfreesouls. The redesign is a result as Kidsfreesouls is now used in Classrooms. Due to Kidsfreesouls now turned into a massive Portal, the site design is professionally managed by with all Contents and updates managed by Ilaxi Patel. Moreover, being # 1 in Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN Live, Ask, etc with thousands of keywords esp.’Newspaper for kids’ , ‘kids newspaper’, kids newspaper in India which show #1 – It becomes a Responsibility and not let the SE  down!!! This is not the end but an endless Journey till I can perform my various Roles – Online Journalism is a Revolution and NIE (Newspaper in Education) is the Future Edu-Tech Teaching in Classrooms!

– ilaxi patel
Editor Online,

From the Gita


Karmany eva ‘ dhikaras te,
ma phalesu kadacana,
ma karmaphalahetur bhut,
ma te sango ‘stv akarmani

Yogasthah kuru karmani,
Sangam tyaktva dhanamjaya,
siddhyasiddhyoh samo bhutva,
samatvam yoga ucyate

Means: Thy rights is to thy work alone, But never to the Fruits of work;
Let not the rewards of action be thy motive, nor yet be attached to inaction

Steadfast in Yoga, O dhananjaya, do thou work; renounce attachme nt and be balanced in success of failure, such evenness of mind is called Yoga

Mission ongoing at Swagat 

Kidsfreesouls is on a mission to spread the message of Love, Faith, Peace & Unity among Human beings. The main aim to continue the assigned E-Com project of Mr. Binal Patel for his college submission, is to provide Information, Education & Entertainment to kids in print & online site. Swagat Children Library  is operational since 1991 with Reading Classes, Grammar Fun, English Proficiency & Personality Development, Creativity, Computers, Internet & Web Designing/Homepages. It provides easy access to all its Readers & ex students (since 1991)  and gives them a platform to surf and explore web constructively.

The site is brought to you by
 Ilaxi Patel 
Editor, Kids Freesouls 


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