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Music the speech of Angels


Music the speech of Angels

Music is the speech of angels. In the distant past, people heard music only when a family member played the piano or some other instrument or by attending live performances. Than came, the radio, television, music systems, tech gadgets, instruments, live performances, online listening, so on. Now, Music can be heard entire 24 hours, entirely at the whim of a listener.


Listening to highly dramatic music, especially the kind full of thrilling ‘peaks’ and ‘valleys’ can trigger the brain to release of endorphins, chemicals that evoke pleasurable feelings, say psychologists. Loud music for short amount of time can produce an annoying ringing in one’s ears. As a matter of fact, music played at a high volume, even for short periods of time, can result in hearing loss. The Author of The Closing of the American Mind, Allan Bloom, and expresses misgivings about the effect such intense preoccupation with music, particularly rock music, will have on the minds of young people over the long term.

I think the Greek philosopher Plato was the first to sound the alarm about music in his Republic. Music can both please the soul and can lead a person astray. The new ways of modern day music can affect the brain and is a danger signal and alarming sign which can be taken seriously. However, music is joy and brings peace, it heals too – all depends on what we listen, how we listen, when we listen! Our habits die hard but its we who need to check our own Listening tastes and make a choice of the Rock, Reggae, Rhythm and soul or adopt the Rap, Hip Hop or whatever…..It’s your life, anyways!

I love Reggae, kids music and lot of trance – No, can’t just be specific, love just Music and love to play music on keyboards too. My two Yamaha pieces are super magna sound and you can find some great pieces played on Soundcloud.

You Tube Music Playlists.

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