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Chief Minister : Chairman of Poll Panel 2014

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Chief Minister : Chairman of Poll Panel 2014

Chief Minister Narendra Modi addressed the Karyakarta Sammelan in Goa on 9th June 2013 after the conclusion of the BJP’s National Executive Meeting. CM Narendra Modi thanked the BJP President Shri Rajnath Singh, top leaders of the BJP and the Karyakartas for entrusting him with the new responsibility of heading the 2014 Lok Sabha Election Campaign Committee.

He recalled the contribution of the leaders of the party in shaping him. “There are many leaders of the party who moulded me. They filled me with goodness. Sometimes I feel, there are leaders of the party who have done more for me than even their own children,” he said.

The Chief Minister asked the party workers to make a determined effort to uproot the Congress, which has been plagued by policy paralysis. He stated, “We may not shine in newspapers or on television but we must shine in the hearts of the people. We need to make this nation free of the Congress. Our motto must be- Congress Mukt Bharat Ka Nirman…we must start from where Atal ji left things.” Recalling the time of Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Shri Modi said that during the first three years of the last decade, a new faith was created among the people and there was a spirit of positivity. ‘However, after 2004 the ship continued to sink,” he declared, adding that the BJP has to save the nation from this.

CM pointed to the aim of the BJP and stated that it will always remain Rashtra Nirman. He said,  “Getting to the chair is not our agenda. Our goal is to give dignity to the people and win their trust again.” CM said that he has immense faith in the Karyakartas of the party. He shared that there are generations of Karyakartas who may not have appeared in the newspapers or the television but have worked tirelessly for the party. He recalled, “The Karyakartas of the Jan Sangh worked very hard during the struggle for liberation of Goa. That time, who knew that we would get the opportunity to serve the people? See in Kerala, Nagaland, Tripura and Mizoram…our Karyakartas have given their lives too. Yet, our Karyakartas did not stop, bend or get tired.” He stated  that the BJP is a party that engrained values of service into the polity.

During his speech, he came down heavily on the Congress for the brazen corruption. He described the Congress as being corruption proof and asked why there are so many allegations against the Centre? Taking a dig at the massive Bharat Nirman media campaign, CM said, “They are spending crores on advertisements. But instead of Bharat Nirman- Haq Hai Mera, people are saying, Bharat Nirman- Shaq Hai Mera!” Likewise, he recalled that when the Prime Minister called for the meeting on internal security, he started his speech by paying homage to the leaders who died in the gruesome attack in Chhattisgarh but when CM Modi began his speech, he also paid homage to the policemen who died in the attack, the two soldiers who were beheaded by Pakistan and the fishermen of Kerala who were killed by the Italian marines. He added, “What I said that day, shouldn’t the PM have thought about and said?”

Taking on the Government for the trust deficit, CM said,, “Sadly, we have a Government in Delhi that you can neither trust nor can you expect anything. And trust is a very big thing. Today that trust is lost and everyday events are taking place that is eroding this trust even more.” He pointed that things are such that if a young girl in Delhi leaves her home in the morning and does not return in the evening, parents get worried. Similarly, a farmer is unsure of the price his produce will fetch considering the manner in which the Central Government fluctuates its policies.

He described the Congress as a party steeped in opportunistic politics and attacked the Centre for destroying the federal structure of the nation. Shri Modi affirmed, “When Opposition Governments were being formed, particularly after 1967, Article 356 was misused. Opposition Governments were not allowed to fulfill their five-year terms. They also tried to break parties. They did not let Governments last and turned Raj Bhawans into Congress Bhawans,” and added, “Now when Article 356 becomes difficult they are misusing the CBI. This just shows their lack of faith in democracy.”

Giving more examples of institutional destruction under the Congress, Shri Modi said, “The Head of the Planning Commission is the Prime Minister. It is also a bridge between the Centre and the states. But the Centre disrespected that body too. Who would have imagined there would be an NAC over a Planning Commission? And who heads the NAC?” He went on to point out that while the Prime Minister speaks about eradicating the menace of Maoism, the NAC and Planning Commission have individuals who are either very closely associated with Maoist activity or their NGOs have those associated with the Maoists. He also shared that when Mr. GK Pillai was the Home Secretary there was a plan to fight Maoists but Shri Modi asked who were the forces who scuttled this plan?

Talking about the UPA, Chief Minister Narendra  Modi said, “This Government (UPA) is non-serious. They have taken the people for granted and are not bothered about the youth.” He questioned the Centre about their promise to add 1 crore jobs for youngsters, which has not been fulfilled. Pointing to the anger and unrest among the youth, Shri Modi asked why is it that there are so many youngsters protesting at Jantar Mantar? He said that if the energy of our youth is not harnessed positively, it is a cause of major concern.

CM remembered the significance of Goa  in his life. He said, “Goa has a very special place for me. Newspapers are writing Goa is lucky for Modi but it is not about Modi’s luck. This is the same Goa that allowed me to continue to serve in Gujarat in 2002. When I got blessings of Goa, I was able to scale new heights. So, I am sure these blessings will allow me to work even better.”

Earlier, Goa Chief Minister Shri Manohar Parrikar, Goa Deputy Chief Minister Shri Francis D’Souza spoke and praised Shri Modi for his development. Shri Modi also praised the work of Shri Parrikar in Goa.

Leader of the Opposition in the Rajya Sabha Shri Arun Jaitley took on the UPA on various issues and also talked about the corruption under UPA. BJP President Shri Rajnath Singh showered praise on Shri Modi, described him as the most popular leader. He also highlighted the development of the Vajpayee Governments, comparing it with the decline in the development ever since the UPA took power. BJP Vice President Smt. Smriti Irani, General Secretary Shri Ananth Kumar and other dignitaries were present on the occasion.

Sources: CM’s site / Gujarat Information Bureau 


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