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NEGATIVITY what’s this? Overcome!!! By Tulsa Ved


NEGATIVITY what's this? Overcome!!! By Tulsa Ved

Negativity,the word from which we all have fear- a hidden fear.  Negativity is some kind of process from which we all pass – somehow, somewhere. Done something but no appreciation… !! Oh god! I can’t concentrate, such a thought process we face in our daily life. Negativity soon overcomes for not being appreciated!

The most common  forms of negativity are anger ,shame, contempt, disgust, embarrassment, hate, fear and stress – constrict your thinking and creativity. Positivity and negativity are powerful feedback processes in human behavior. Positive feedback encourages us to continue doing what we have done so far. Negative feedback, on the contrary, generally acts as a warning signal that tells us to moderate or stop what we are doing and to redress the course of our actions. We still need to do better and for this maybe, we are not appreciated. Negativity is very easy to come and hard to throw out, following , positivity is hard to come and easily throwing out.

We feel nervous while doing any work, people will like it or not, appreciate or not, this is all time thought process. At the start it doesn’t affect as much as per our thing but slowly and gradually, it starts affecting. However, to solve or dissolve it – everything is in our hands. Today’s expert studies tell us not to avoid negativity, real thing is to face them, Of Course side effects like pain, jealousy all are very harmful but avoiding them is more harmful than that. Prof. George Vaillant , a psychiatrist at Harvard Medical school, reveals after reasearch ,” Negative emotions are often crucial for survival . We all feel anger, but individual we should learn how to control it. “

A positive and open mindset draws you out to explore and interact with the world in more unexpected ways. Each time you do, you learn new things. As Leonardo di Caprio says in Inception in praise of the power of negative emotions,” Positive emotions comes from negative emotions all the time. We are all looking for reconciliation, a catharsis.”

Unfriended in Facebook or a post not Liked – Negative feelings are all around. However, we need to push forth and reach our goals – just ‘Thinking Positive’

About: Tulsa Ved is a student who love to write blogs and stay connected. Love reading Literature classics, listen to music and watch movies. Always curious to learn new things and hooked to writing – Teen musings and jot down inspirational experiences. 


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