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Tongue Twisters

Did Peter Piper pick of pickled peppers? If Peter picked a peck of pickled peppers, where’s the peck of pickled pepper Peter Piper pickled?

Betty bought some butter, but the butter was bitter, so Betty bought some better butter, to make the bitter butter better.

A Poem I just wrote!


Trees, trees, trees
What’s a tree?
A god’s gift to mankind in free!

Trees give us shade,
Trees brings rain,
Have we all not played under the tree in our childhood?

Birds build their nest,
Bees make hives,
Weary travellers in their shade, thrive.

Trees give us vegetables & fruits, 
Trees give us wood & rubber,
Trees are necessity to sustain life.

Trees bring rain,
Farmers grow abundant grains
Food is what we get,
Without trees, we starve to death.

Trees are joy, 
Scenic beauty
To protect Trees,
Is our utmost duty. 

Why God Made Little Girls
-Nidhir Nair

God made the world with its towering trees,

Majestic mountains and restless seas.
Then he paused and said,
It needs one more thing,
Someone to laugh, dance and sing,
To walk in the woods, gather flower
To commune with nature in the quiet hours.


Teacher: Bins, now that you have come to school, What would you like to do?
Bins: Go Home, sir

Mom: Megs, When you saw the child drinking ink, why didn’t you do something?
Megs: I did. I made him eat some blotting paper. 

Teacher: Why do wood float on water?
Deep: Because it cannot swim!

Judge: What made you come here?
Accused: Competition, your honour
Judge: What Competition?
Accused: I printed currency notes as the Govt does. That is all. 

Professor: During the rolling calls: Where are the absentees, I cannot see them! 

Big Facts

Which animal do not drink water?
The Kangaroo rate of South western deserts of US

Is tomatoes fruits or vegetables?
Though we use as vegetables, Botanists classify as fruits.

How Old is our Planet?
Scientists believe the earth is about 4.5 billion years old

Where is the heaviest bell in the world?
In Moscow, the Tsar Kolokol bell weighs 216 tons

Which is the fastest animal on earth?
The Cheetah can run upto 70 miles per hour. Next fastest are antelopes at 60 miles per hour.

First woman Doctor in India
In 1887, Kadambini Ganguly became the first Hindu woman Doctor in India

First Rubber Plantation in Kerela, India
The first rubber plantation in Kerela was set up in Kerela in 1900.

 Book Reviews By Nidhi:

As you Sow, So you shall reap!

One day, three thieves who were friends, stole treasures from a rich man’s house. They took the money and went to the forest. As they were hungry, one of the thief went to buy some food. He ate food and while eating, had a wicked plan. He mixed poison in the food and thought, he will give this food to his friends. Later, when they die, he will take all their share. Meanwhile, the two wicked thief in the forest, decided to kill their friend on his return with the food. They thought, they will divide the money between the two. Now, when the thief came with the poison food, the two thieves killed him. They felt excited that they will now share the money. They started eating the food that their friend had brought. As they ate the food, they died. Thus, the evil men met an evil end. And so the moral goes, Evil begets Evil.

The Palace & the Cottage

This is a story of King Vikram and a poor man. King Vikram was known for being just and fair. One day, he built a big palace but noticed that a cottage at the site of the structure would mar the beauty of the palace. Hence, he called the poor man and tried to offer him a big price to remove his cottage. The poor man was stubborn and said, “I am born here and I love this cottage more than my life.” The king realized that it would be unfair on his part to use any force. So, he said to the Minister, “Let the cottage be there. When people see the grand palace, they will admire my sense of beauty. When they see the cottage, they will admire my sense of justice.”  

Thus, the moral of the story – Sense of justice is the beauty of character.

Thank you for reading my Blog. 


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