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Oranges and Lemons for Hay fever/Asthma


Oranges and Lemons for Hay fever/Asthma

Oranges and lemons, sold for a penny,
all the children are so many.
The grass is green and the rose is read,



Well, childhood days are always fun and memorable. But, here, I would be talking on the inflammatory disorder many children pick up as they wheeze, cough and are at short of breadth and get the chest stiffness.

Approx 20.5 million Americans currently have Asthma with many people with Asthma have an individual or family history of allergies, such as Hay Fever or eczema. These symptoms can be due to allergens – dust mites, pollens, molds, etc. Most people have wheezing attack or cough may be main symptom.

Some people believe there is no cure for asthma but I have seen cases, with proper management and medical treatment (ayurvedic), one can lead a normal life with no trace of the symptoms.

The symptoms vary from wheezing which usually begins suddenly, comes in episodes and may worse with cold air or cold drinks. It can be cough or shortness of breath that gets worse with exercise or any activity. The pulse gets rapid at times; bluish lips or face and sweating are some other symptoms.

It is important to diagnose Asthma – it can be due to allergic and even a hay fever that sometimes has severity. The tests may be for Lung function, chest x ray. For children, parents need to observe the cause of the allergic/asthmatic effects that trigger the irritation.

For the treatment, Doctors are found to advice the patient to protect from allergic atmosphere – conditions that lead to the attacks. Mainly, Pollen, dust particles and smoke that when inhale cause the constriction of the airway which narrow the flow of breathing.

Even food is one major factor not to overlook. A lot of orange, lemon, ginger, honey are the remedy for the hay fever and that leading to asthma. I remember when my childhood problems arose with the allergy, the early morning remedy of luke-warm water with lemon and honey soothes well which was to be taken for over 3-5 times per day. Apart from this, regular food with more of green vegetables, fresh juices and no yeast based or fermented food is allowed for such patients. Even beans and all that fall in this category was solely a No as this becomes too hard to digest for such patients. Especially the white flour (maida) and basically, the five white things are strickly no for such patients which are: milk and milk products, sugar, salt, white flour and such. 

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