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Pampered Child Syndrome


Pampered Child? Over pampered Parenting ?

At a time, our Children are precious and we all tend to pamper them – a wee bit here and there !

Pampered Child Syndrome

We understand that parents want to make them feel special and so do all Grandparents. It is a joyous phase of life but pampering right way is infinite love. They feel wanted and secure. However, draw a line – too much of Attention and too many Gifts is only going to spoil the child. The pampered child soon becomes the demanding child and a tyrant in the family. They will have no value for all you bring, you do, you give. Wanting everything, the pampered child will stop at nothing to get what they want. Tantrums, pouting, sulking, refusal to do school work, refusal get out of bed, go out, do chores and countless other tactics are used to dominate parents into giving in to their endless needs and demands.

The pampered child has all qualities of rude behaviour, arrogance, selfishness, ego, aggressive, violent and impatient so says my research findings. Destructive and distracted, the child grows up to be an adult who parents child selfishly. Every Parent should endeavor to teach them responsibility, accountability, humility and respect – set these examples first and guide them with love and understanding. There is no point in instilling fear, shouting or spanking the child and treating him bad while on the other hand shower gifts and show love when he is at fault.

The effects of a Pampered child :

  • The child has the tendency to take everything for granted
    * The child begins to appreciate the abundance of money from an innocent age
    * The child has to take no effort to learn or do anything challenging of his own. Always someone else is available to do it for him
    * The child perceives people without money as unworthy and inferior
    * The child has no creative tendencies
    * The child is a prolific liar in getting whatever he wants, at any cost
    * The child has more of anything than his peers do. If his peer has one video game, an extremely pampered child has more than one
    * Significant loss of interest and short attention span from the child is another major symptom. Even if he may have all of the latest video game consoles, he may not find any of them interesting after a few days
    * The child is obstinate to the point of disrespecting elders
    * The child uses expletives without realizing their shock effect

So next time, knowingly or unknowingly, you pamper a child – check these four words “I can’t afford it” and make sure, you tactfully teach the child lessons of life to grow up gracefully.

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