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Parents Blame Video Games For Exposing Kids to Violence



Parents Blame Video Games For Exposing Kids to Violence

America’s culture of Violence – What other could that be than blaming media violence such as Content in TV, movies and Video games? Common Sense Media recently concluded surveying over 1000 parents about whether they believe certain influences are likely to push, or contribute towards, violent actions in children.

In a survey conducted by USA Market Research, 1,050 parents with children ages 18 years and younger were randomly selected to share their opinions.

Here are the relevant findings of their survey:

*84% of parents thought an advertisement that was shown to them of Hitman: Absolution was inappropriate to air on TV during times children may be watching.

*89% think violence in today’s video games is a problem.

*75% think violent video games contribute to violence.


Parents said violent ads should be prevented from airing during programs largely watched by children. What’s more, 91% want theaters to show previews that only have the same or lower rating than the movie being shown.

As Kate Freeman mentions at Mashable, “Parents are clearly concerned about how violence in media may be impacting their children,” James Steyer, founder and CEO of Common Sense Media, said in a statement. “Our culture of violence seems to have made it the new normal that parents who take their kids to a movie theatre or gather to watch a football game are at risk of exposing them to inappropriate content that is marketing video games, or films rated for more mature audiences.”

In addition to content that children see in the media, parents were also asked about other factors contributing to violence in America. Parents said they worry about bullying (92%), access to guns (75%) and current levels of crime (86%).

In India, Parents are concerned and worried over TV viewing and Internet exposure of kids. Majority of the Hindi films have a strong influence on children with the songs and dialogues that catch the young. Content in TV and Movies have remained influential with Advertisement for kids making them more demanding in their buying habits too. 

Do you limit what video games, movies and TV programs your children watch because of the violence portrayed in them?

Sources: Kidsfreesouls News Desk 


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