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The Message of Christmas

Christmas is snow all sparkling and bright,
Wrapping the earth in a mantle of white,
Evergreen trees in feathery clown,
And garlands of lights through the streets of the town.

Christmas is boughs of cedar and pine
Tinsel and stars that twinkle and shine
Candles aglow with flickering light
And church bells that ring in the still of the night.

Christmas is home, be it city or farm,
And hearth fires glowing so friendly and warm,
With friends gathered round, their voices so gay,
To wish one and all a glad Christmas Day.

Christmas is children with bright dancing eyes,
Waiting for Santa to come through the skies,
Ice skates, and drums, and striped candy canes,
Baby dolls, Teaddy Bears, puzzles and games.

Christmas is greeting cards sent far and near
Filling each heart with a message of good cheer
Christmas is songs that the carolers sing
On the crisp air their sweet voices ring.

Christmas is shepherds out on a hill
Hard to the tidings of peace and goodwill
Christmas is worship! Oh hear the bells ring!
Come, let us adore him, our Saviour and King.


In A Far Land

In a far land upon a day
Where never snow did fall,
Three King’s went riding on the way
Bearing presents all.

And one wore red, and one wore gold,
And one was clad in green,
And one was old, and one was young,
And one was in between.

Choosing the guide by eve and morn
Of heaven’s starry drifts,
They rode to find the newly-born
For whom they carried gifts.

Oh, far away in time day rode
Upon their wanderings,
And still in story goes abroad
The riding of the kings:

So wise, that in their chosen hour,
As though the world they filed,
They sought not wealth or place or power,
But rode to find a child.


Santa’s Sleigh

Have you ever wondered
Where Santa leaves his sleigh,
When he brings toys for children
To find on Christmas Day?

For reindeers, all the roof-tops
Are much too smooth and steep!
One slip, they’d go sliding down,
And land in one big heap!

But if they were in the garden,
How could Santa, with his sack,
Climb right up to the roof-top,
Then down the chimney stack?

There’s so much danger in the road,
So, where can he leave his sleigh?
Perhaps you’d like to ask him,
when he comes round your way.

More Poems will be added from time to time….If you have any poems to share, please email me:-)

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