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Poetry Soup

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Poetry Soup


Calling all budding poets and blossoming authors and writers to squeal and squabble the hidden imagination in your brainy heads. Live the fantasy and don’t just let your imagination run dry! It’s time to make a great Poem or weave a story – Be original, Be imaginative, Be realistic or just fantasy. Make it adventurous or a thriller, humorous or fabulous, thought provoking or concerned, a travel or animal related, school story or a mystery. And lo, KidsFreesouls is here to help you shrug off the blues. Just hook to our ideas and ‘Get-set-right’ to trail to hold the reigns of Rudolf’s sleigh this Christmas time. Write your right way out & Enjoy! It’s Only Words…..


Poetry SoupYou may write on one or more of the following animals in your work…..dolphin, whale, horse, panda, tiger, elephant, giraffe, cat, dinosaur, tiny creature, a species of your own creation

Poetry SoupPerhaps base your writing around a computer, a robot, or an ancient civilisation (you could even make one up), Imagine yourself an Alien
Maybe you’d like to feature your favourite musical instrument.

Poetry SoupMake up your own Myth or Legend . You might conclude with a moral.

Poetry SoupMake your story Science Fiction or a Mystery

Poetry SoupYou may write on your favourite movie star or a song or from names of movies

Poetry SoupMaybe write on education, corruption, environment, etc or addressing to any person

Poetry SoupYou may express your feelings for a friend, parent, teacher, for anybody you love too.


Once you decide to write a poetry, think, think and think! We add some ideas to your Soup Pot. Stir and get ready to gulp down in your brainy heads.

Poetry Soup Use rhymed words – they sound like tinkling bells

Poetry SoupFind and make a list of words from the Dictionary. Use these words and form the verse

Poetry SoupSelect a word like ‘cosmopolitan’ Make as many words from it and than use these words

Poetry SoupRemember all Opposites. Use them in your Poetry themes

Poetry SoupUse Comparisons like soft as breeze, cold as ice…

Poetry SoupUse single letter of alphabet. Each lines begins continuing the alphabet word like a, b, c, d….

Poetry SoupUse words with alphabets in continuations like a, b, c, d….

Poetry SoupUse Positive and than Negative words with imaginary thoughts


Poetry SoupWrite a poem in which every line contains a color. There are several ways to do this. A poem might be about Things That Are Red, where every line lists something red. Pick a favorite color and simply make a list of words that color makes you think. Or a poem could be about the color itself. Think about the color in new ways. What does red taste like? What kind of music is red? If red was a famous person, who would red be? If you touch red, what does it feel like? What kind of animal would eat red? Who or what loves red the most? What’s the first thing red does when it gets up in the morning? What part of the school is red?

Poetry SoupWrite a poem in which every line is a thank you to someone or something. Thank father, dog, cricket bat, pencil, the sky, the person who invented ice cream. thanking teacher to solve maths problem, mom to cook favourite dish, god, etc

Poetry SoupWord or phrase to include in every line. Some words and phrases that can work well are: “I remember,” “at midnight,” “secret,” “thunder,” “listen,” “never,” “laugh,” “tomorrow.”

Poetry SoupA poem in which each line describes a day where everything happens backwards. A poem in which each line describes something that’s impossible to do or something scary or something that tastes terrible or something that tickles

Poetry Soup“Seek and Find.” Look in articles, poems, comics, etc. for words or phrases you like and use those in own poems. In a list poem, each line could contain one of those “found” words or phrases.


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