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Responsibility n Test

By Tulsa Ved
What is responsibility? Is it just a taking control of your responses to the events  and circumstances in your life? Nope! The habit of expecting ‘others to do something for me’ smothers self-confidence and dampens initiative! But the man who knocks off every prop, flings away his crutches and stands on his feet will progress. Self- dependence always develops the power of achievement.
Most of the teenagers has passed through this plight where our elders has screamed on us for being so irresponsible. Memories fade back about my high school days when i was careless as one could be. One day, I kept key to unlocked the door and misplaced it. Later, we went out and when my sister came back she saw the door was half opened. Fortunately it was just a coincidence but I was so guilty. That day I realized that responsibility is self regulated.
A man who has ability to stand in his own feet is not quite a man as long as he is irresponsible. Responsibility takes the irk out of work.Zeal lightens the burden and enthusiasm cheers and sweetens  the work.We just need to make a firm act of will and put our foot down, Choose your course, set the wheels in the motion and be responsible. Your mind is where your heart is so put your heart into what you do.
So here comes a responsible test. Stay true to yourself Responsibility n Test
1. When you borrow your friend’s favourite book,you… 
   a) dog-ear pages.
   b) make sure you cover it and use a bookmark.
   c) use a bookmark.
2. If you go out for a date late in the evening, it is usually to…
   a) go to a discotheque.
   b) spend some time alone at a park.
   c) go to a movie or go to a restaurant.
3. You/your BF has borrowed your friend’s bike to go to a movie. After you’ve parked it you…
   a) double check the ignition and the handle lock and stop the flow of the petrol.
   b) check the locks but walk away without paying guy at the parking lot.
   c) come out of the movie to discover that the bike has been towed away as you’ve parked in a ‘No parking zone’.
4. When you go on a school excursion/picnic,you…
   a) asked to look after your classmates
   b) are usually in charge of booking the tickets, arranging the bus, the food.
   c) are usually given the list of the instructions on ‘what not to do on a trip’.
5. You’ve got a sudden invitation to a party after school. The telephone at home is out of order.You…
   a) turn down the invitation.
   b) go home,tell your folks at home, and go to the party.Never mind if you turn up a little late.
   c) go to the party.You can explain the situation to your folks home later.
6. When you ask your friend to lend you his double-deck recorder to record a few cassettes for a couple of days,he or she…
   a) refuses.Politely but firmly.
   b) lends it to you,without any ado.
   c) offers to record the cassettes for you.
7. The night before the first day of you school concert/play,you…
   a) stay up all night rehearsing your part.
   b) go through your part in your head and then drop off to sleep .
   c) forget to go for a rehearsals.
8. You’ve gone on an outing and somebody from the group falls and fractures his/her foot.You..
   a) hang around with those who are taking him/her to the hospital.
   b) just stay away.You can’t handle it.
   c) call an ambulance, help to carry him/her, stay with him/her while the tests and X-rays are done.
9. When you’ve to meet somebody, you always…
   a) make a note on your planner.
   b) make a mental note.
   c) hope that you remember.
10. You have promised to go the station to pick up your cousin but you simply hate going through the railway station, especially early in the morning.You…
   a) set the alarm, get up early and be there before the train arrives.
   b) plead a bad headache and don’t go.
   c) reach the station after the train arrives.
Score board:
1.a)0 b)5 c)3
2.a)3 b)0 c)5
3.a)3 b)5 c)0
4.a)3 b)5 c)0
5.a)3 b)5 c)0
6.a)0 b)5 c)3
7.a)3 b)5 c)0
8.a)0 b)3 c)5
9.a)5 b)3 c)0
10.a)5 b)0 c)3
Between 36 & 50:
hi! It’s pleasure to know that in this day and age some people still do what they promise to do and really mean what they say! Some people may call you boring, but it is better to be boring and responsible if the other option is to be fun and irresponsible.
Between 15 & 30:
You don’t really shrink responsibilities but neither do you take the initiative. That shows that it doesn’t really come from within. You do some things only if there is no escape and you have to do them.
Between 0 &14: 
You seriously need to get some idea of the word responsibility because you’ve no clue. You need a lot of improvement.


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